Of Dreams and Designs

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Day 2 – A Mascot Project

Loads of crafters have a signature project that is their go-to project type. Sweaters, socks, dish clothes, baby clothes, the list could go on forever; for every crafter there is a niche.

Mine is wings:
Sorry for the photo quality, one of the things on the to-do list is get better photos of my existing sets of wings.

Now, wings may be my signature project, but today’s topic is to write about a mascot project that somehow relates to our House Animal.
You know what my wings are compared to most frequently? Dreamcatchers!
And you know what dreamcatchers really are? Spider webs!

The Ojibwa tribe tells a story about how Spider Woman collected the sun each day, but as the Ojibwa people spread across the land, it became more difficult to visit them all and retrieve the sun’s energy. Spider Woman taught mothers to make dreamcatchers that represented the sun and filtered the dreams of their babies.

The Lakota tribe tells a story about how the great teacher, Iktomi, appeared to a shaman leader in the form of a spider and showed him how to weave a dreamcatchers to prevent bad dreams from affecting the tribe’s psyche.

Both legends say that the good dreams pass through the hole in the center of the dreamcatchers and the bad dreams stay caught and fade away in the light of day. I have also heard that a bead is included in the dreamcatcher to represent a spider that devours the bad dreams that get caught, like insects in a web. It is traditional to attach feathers to the dreamcatcher so they can filter the good dreams down into the sleeper below.

I have been thinking of making dream catchers for some time now, and now that I’m actually planning to make my wings and other creations for sale, it seems like the perfect time to try making some dream catchers as well.

First thing I always do when starting a new project is seek out some visual inspiration:

Source: etsy.com via Luna on Pinterest

This was the first dreamcatcher made from crochet that I saw, several months ago, and I’ve been admiring it since I found it. You can see my dreamcatcher Pinterest board here to see other hand crafted dreamcatchers that caught my eye.

Next step is to doodle some ideas. I never used to be one for sketching, but since the new year I’ve been practicing depicting my yarny ideas in lines and color. The drawing below is less of a design sketch and more of what happened while listening to music and daydreaming about the project. My only real goal in drawing this was to start visualizing 8 point stars and snowflakes because I want the center webbing to connect to the outer hoop at 8 points, a traditional number representing the 8 legs of Spider Woman (an appropriate and important detail to include in this mascot project!)


And now we come to my favorite step in my design process. I pick out a beautiful yarn that speaks to me, grab whatever tools I feel are appropriate, and I start improvising:

Can’t wait to see how this one evolves!


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