Of Rainbows and Prisms

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Day 4 – Color Review

Interesting anecdote about me and color: for years and years my favorite color to wear was blue. When I was 20, two things happened simultaneously – I started learning about and being more conscious of my chakras, and I was diagnosed with an as-yet incurable thyroid disorder, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. If you didn’t already know, blue is the color of the throat chakra, but as I began to treat my disorder and figure out the combination of meds and vitamins to bring my symptoms under control, I found myself also going through a spiritual journey where suddenly my favorite color was green. Green is the color of the heart chakra. I have since come to wonder if part of my higher subconscious self was trying to self-heal a little through color therapy, hence always wearing blue; but once I took control of my health, I was able to focus my chi into a larger mission of love, hence the switch to green.

Just one of those random things I ponder.

When it comes to my fiber crafts, my favorite color is rainbow – and not as in I love any and all colors, but I love all colors together in rainbow spectrums. Lately when I look at yarn for sale, I’m always drawn to the rainbow variegated yarns, or yarns that make interesting use of many colors, even if it’s not quite rainbow-esque. I recently knit a hood using four different yarns in a variety of colors:


Not to mention did you see the yarn I chose for my dreamcatcher mascot project? It’s pretty rainbow-tastic too. When I’m choosing yarn for my wings, I try to look for interesting color combinations that speak to me of a certain mood or type of fairy. My last pair I made were for a Spring Equinox party and I chose a colorway that featured chartreuse, sky blue, and purple, which I felt made for very happy spring wings.

But if you look at my history of projects and yarn choices, you would actually seen a lot of black, grey, and dark greens and blues. In my excitement to share my fibery skills with everyone, I made lots of gifts of scarves, mitts, and simple hats, all made in darker neutral colors that were chosen to be widely appealing and applicable no matter the who the gift recipient was. It wasn’t until I started using up leftovers from these projects that I started really combining different colors together in more festive combinations.

Even Frank loves rainbow colors, just look at his web!


When I first created the House of the Spider, I didn’t think about the fact that spiders are not very colorful creatures as a rule. The ones that live in my area are invariably brown or grey, unless it’s a black widow. But have you ever looked at a web shining with dew in the morning sunlight? The otherwise colorless web becomes a prismatic pane of crystal, reflecting little rainbows from every strand; truly a design only nature could come up with.

Source: 500px.com via Luna on Pinterest


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