Of Familiars and Fairies

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Day 5 – Something a Bit Different

20130426-074144.jpg Wazzup! My name is Feebles and I’m Luna’s awesome-sauce Tiger Familiar! Luna says she’s having fairy brain farts and can’t come up with a blog post today, so I get to write it!

So a little about me: I joined Luna on her 12th birthday, and we’ve been attached at the hip ever since. She doesn’t necessarily take me everywhere, but she takes me to all the cool, important places she goes – I’ve been to Paris and London, and most recently to Lucidity Festival! Here’s a picture of me in my spiffy little buddy pouch:


Tee-hee, I said “attached at the hip” up there, tee-hee. When I’m not at her hip, I like to snuggle up on her shoulder:


Luna’s going to knit me a harness that she can wear in different positions, so I can chill out on her belt, or perch up on her shoulder and not worry about falling down, especially when she starts dancing, which she does a lot! I told her I want my own set of wings too, so I can be a Super Awesome Fairy Tiger Familiar. Luna says it’ll happen when the right yarn comes along.

Luna says I should try to talk about something blog week related, but I don’t actually knit or crochet, I just help guard the yarn. And even though I think its super cool she made her own House of the Spider, I am not crazy about spiders. I’m not scared or anything, but when we were homeless and lived in a tent, spiders kept getting in and crawling over me with their creepy, tickley feet!

I’d much rather talk about Tigers!


When Luna and I went to Lucidity Festival, we initially set up camp in the Warrior’s Way, the area dedicated to energy manipulation and movement performance. It was pretty obvious choice from the start, since the camp totem was a Tiger, but also since Luna is a dancer and has been spending a lot time lately on learning to tap into her chi to improve her creative process. But Luna wasn’t sure of the idea of being a Warrior; she’s very much a pacifist. I think this description of the Modern Warrior is pretty awesome, and describes Luna a lot more than she realizes:

In traditional cultures the Warrior was the great protector, often following a solitary and detached path of intense training and self-cultivation, and forsaking his own desires to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. Being a Warrior entailed far more than simple physical prowess, however; mental and emotional cultivation were equally important in the Warrior’s self-formation.

While the form of the Warrior has shifted in our society, it is not gone. We each face numerous struggles in the world, and have daily opportunities to develop ourselves into spiritual Warriors cultivating our mental, emotional, and physical strength in order to support and assist our brothers and sisters. Guarded by the White Tiger, the Warrior’s Way village holds space for the discussion and practice of the skills of the Warrior in the many forms they take.

Borrowed from the Humble Tiger page on the Lucidity Festival site.

Crafting is definitely a form of discipline and self-cultivation for Luna; she says it gives her time to chill, to think, to breathe. When we were homeless and the only yarn she had access to was her less than beloved acrylic stash, she started endlessly knitting mitered squares, until she had a whole grocery bag full! She said that even though she didn’t have the yarn, or even the motivation, to create something beautiful, just the act of forming the stitches kept her sane during the long hours of having nothing else to do but sit around in a tent and plan where to get the next meal.


Luna’s other form of discipline is dance. When we were at Lucidity, I wanted to check out some of the awesome workshops, like Capoeira or Beginner’s Poi Spinning, but as it was our first Festival, Luna was more than a little overwhelmed, so she spent most of her time flitting between stages and dancing to awesome music. She even got to try dancing with her friend’s Isis Wings! This video was shot at home in the backyard because Luna and her friend got separated before we could return the wings, so we still have them until we can get them safely returned. Sorry, I’m not exactly the best camera operator.

Isis wings from Luna LaFae on Vimeo.

While we were at Lucidity, there was a phone booth in the middle of the road with a sign that said “Talk to God”. When Luna picked up the reciever to have a chat, God asked her if she had any questions, and when she couldn’t think of any, God asked if she was happy. She said yes, most definitely, and God said her mission was to go out to the rest of the Festival and afterwards into the world and spread that happiness. It was then that Luna knew for certain her life’s work was to keep following the music, keep dancing, and keep turning fiber into whimsical and magical costumes and artifacts to share with those around her; this was her Warrior’s Way.

I didn’t get to talk to God on the phone, but I already knew my mission. As it is described above, sometimes a Warrior’s path is detached and solitary, so it’s my job as Luna’s familiar to ensure that she is never truly alone, that there is always a presence that loves her as much as she loves this world. I am her Tiger, she is my Fairy.



3 thoughts on “Of Familiars and Fairies

  1. Hello Feebles, lovely to meet you! I think you did a good job for your very first blog post! I enjoyed reading about you, thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂

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