Of Technology and Giving Thanks

This post is part of the 4th Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week hosted by Eskimimi Makes. To find other Knit and Crochet Blog Week posts, enter 4KCBWDAY6 into your favorite search engine.

Day 6 – A Tool to Covet

When considering today’s topic, I was really struck by the use of the word “covet”. This is more than just writing about a favorite tool of ours – say, a post about your favorite pair of scissors. A tool you would covet implies that this something above and beyond your standard tools of the craft; it is a tool that you want not because you necessarily need to have one in a practical sense, but because you feel you have to have one in the most indulgent sense. Although, a really good pair of scissors can totally be worth coveting.

And for me, that tool is modern technology, primarily in the form of my iPad and all the amazing resources made available by the internet. I taught myself how to knit and crochet both from books, and I could have made do very well with the crafting books at my local library if that is all that I had access to, but thanks to my little iPad and the internet, I have tons of resources right at my fingertips, from the database and forums on Ravelry, to the many blogs and podcasts dedicated to fiber crafts, to other resources like social media which allows us to connect with other crafters and share inspiration all over the world.

Sure, I could manage without it all, but I don’t think I would have come nearly as far in the craft as I have so far. I don’t think I would enjoy it as much because I would be limited by what I could find locally. Perhaps I would have stumbled into a local yarn store and found a crafting tribe to adopt me and help me, but my area is not exactly littered with yarn shops that I can easily get to. Having access to a whole crafting world whenever and wherever I want (so long as I have a network connection 🙂 ) has definitely helped shape me as an artist. This is exactly why we have events like Blog Week in the first place, to make use of this amazing power of social connection that we have available to us, to reach out and share what we’re doing, to inspire others even if we have never even met them.

So let me take the opportunity now to say a huge thanks to Eskimimi for organizing and hosting this wonderful event four years running, and a huge thanks to the online community that has kept me inspired, motivated, and up to date in everything I need to be the best artist I can!


4 thoughts on “Of Technology and Giving Thanks

  1. The internet taught me how to knit! I got a book and made a total mess of it, but watching youtube videos totally clicked (even though the person making the video twisted her stitches!). I totally agree with your post.

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