Simply Don’t Argue (Finished Object)

I’ve been doing a fair bit of roaming around lately – overnight forest parties, Lucidity, sleepovers with friends – and as a result, I misplaced my hand-knit cotton washcloth. Anyway, the other day I was getting ready to take a shower, but I knew my washcloth was buried somewhere in the half packed duffle bags and piles of laundry I have laying about my room, and I was feeling too lazy to properly look for it. So, as any good knitter would do, I said “I’ll simply knit up another one real quick!” I figured it couldn’t take more than an hour or two to whip out a garter stitch square in worsted weight cotton, and I was willing to delay my shower that long. Yes, it is not lost on me that it would’ve been much more time efficient to simply dig through the laundry until I found the original washcloth, but you simply do not argue with a knitter once they decide to cast on a new project.

Of course, it became a much more involved project than just a garter stitch square, who didn’t see that coming? Instead of using the thicker cotton that would work up quickly, I chose to use the leftovers of my Debbie Bliss Eco Baby, because why shouldn’t a fairy wash herself with super soft organic cotton? And instead of knitting a plain square, I had to find the perfect stitch pattern to make the perfect texture, which mean searching online and testing out stitches.

Needless to say it was no longer the quick project I had envisioned, and I eventually just got into the shower and used my back-up cotton scrubbie (yes, I had a back-up the entire time; as I said, you just don’t argue once a knitter decides to cast on a new project. Besides, the back-up scrubbie isn’t quite as effective at lathering, hence being the back-up). It took two more showers before the new washcloth was completed, but at last it is done! I wove in the ends this morning and then promptly used it to wash my face.


The “Just Had To Have It” Washcloth
Ravelry Project Page

  • Yarn: Debbie Bliss Eco Baby (100% organic cotton), yardage unknown, color names not written down; I was using up scraps from a previous washcloth knitting spree.
  • Needles: US size 7, 4.5mm
  • Pattern: Improvised; I cast on 43 stitches and knit in rose stitch until I was out of yarn, then bound off in pattern. This resulted in a cloth about 8 inches square and deliciously soft and airy. I had never used rose stitch before, but it is really quite simple to do and in this gauge it created a lovely open mesh that is substantial enough to wash with, but airy enough to allow for faster drying.

I think I must make more washcloths in this style, as soon as I can get my hands on more organic cotton; this is by far the softest and most luxurious washcloth I have ever had, and now I think I’m spoiled 😉


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