Cracking the WIP on some UFOs

20130612-085615.jpg Hey there, it’s Luna writing today. Feebles has persuaded me that I should make an appearance on my own blog occasionally – that, and he’s currently passed out after a late night crafting and tea session.


Most people in the online crafty world know Wednesday as Work In Progress Wednesday (or WIP Wednesday), so I figured it’s a good day to share a peek at what I’ve been up to. Aside from from promoting my Indiegogo campaign and designing wings, I’ve been emptying out my Roswell basket.


I call it the Roswell basket because it’s where all the UFOs get put – as in Un-Finished Objects, in case you’re not up on fiber lingo. I stole the idea from Stacie of the MustStash Podcast, she calls her UFO storage Area 51, and so as not to be a total copycat, I named my basket Roswell. But as you can see, it is somewhat full; some of these UFOs need to become FOs and move out of the basket!

The project I was working on last night was partially inspired by this picture, shared by a friend last week after our tribe threw an incredible forest party:


After coming home from the forest, I found myself in a state of post-festival apathy and feeling generally dissatisfied with my projects currently in progress – a most uncomfortable place for an artist to occupy! I knew I had to find a simple, happy project that could restore my crafting mojo. And by happy synchronicity, I found this pattern aptly named Festival Shawl. One of my favorite crochet blog authors, Wink of A Creative Being, made a Festival Shawl in a gorgeous rainbow colorway, and suddenly I knew had to make this shawl and I knew I had the perfect yarn for it as well.


Sadly, I know I’m going to run out of yarn before its finished, and cash to get more yarn is tight at the moment, so this project may actually continue to live in the Roswell basket for some time to come, but it has so far served its purpose perfectly to get me through the worst of the this transition through “reality” until the next festival 😉


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