Harder than I thought

My Indiegogo campaign has reached it’s halfway point, and I have to admit, this is slightly harder than I thought it would be. There have been a few notable road-blocks so far:

  • Shyness – I’m really not so great at self-promotion. It’s quite easy for me to get excited about what other people are doing, but it’s not so easy to talk about myself. I’m trying not to think of it as self-promotion and just be excited about sharing what I’m doing, but it is a slight change in paradigm for an introvert like me.
  • Network problems – it’s really hard to do any business in an online setting if your network keep dropping out on you. Because I live in a slightly more remote area, this tends to happen now and again, and lately connectivity has been at a depressing all-time low.
  • Other technical issues – I went to deposit a check I had received for fundraising in my new bank account only to realize I apparently don’t know my own PIN; I thought I knew the number I set, but there must have been some error made when I set it. A fixable problem, but a frustrating one.
  • Health and personal – I’m starting to wonder if I encountered an energy vampire at the desert event I was at last weekend, or if I just let the desert dehydrate me more than I thought, because I have had a distinct lack of fairy pep this week.

So my campaign’s half over and I’ve barely raised 10% of my goal. That’s still 10% further along than I was 3 weeks ago. And every step of the way has been a lesson learned; I’m learning how to work with my technology more efficiently so down-time doesn’t take away from what I get accomplished; I’m finding a rhythm in balancing this new business with the rest of life’s activities; I’m missing fewer opportunities to talk about my work by overcoming my social awkwardness.

Even though the fantasy was that my campaign would take off and people would be contributing funds left and right, I’m not sorry for the chance to acclimatize and learn what’s working and what isn’t. I’ve got another 3 weeks to stir up interest in my fundraising and to practice this self-promotion business, and with more of my friends and family getting excited about what I’m doing, there’s no way this train can’t pick up some speed!



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