(Psst, don’t tell Feebles, but I forgot to post this for him last week, it’s been sitting as a draft for a while now, hopefully he doesn’t notice! – Luna)

20130628-144155.jpg Wazzup, it’s time for another scintilating blog post from the most awesome familiar; Luna is far too busy to write today because Luna is the sort of fairy that gets cool presents in the mail.


Luna’s lovely aunt from up north sent her a box full of squishy treasures from her own stash, and Luna has been in raptures since it arrived. She keeps muttering cryptic phrases like, “There’s even some handspun!” and then making squeaky fairy nosies.

There was even a sparkly surprise included:

She’s refusing to unpack the box, she just keeps picking up one skein at a time to cuddle it, then she puts it back with the rest. I told her she ought to get photos of the cool yarn, but she’s too busy looking at patterns and inspiration blogs. Maybe I can get some pics to share later.


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