Fired Up and Catching Up

This has been one of those months where life decided to take a sharp turn and get really interesting (though not necessarily in a good way). Without giving away details that shouldn’t be shared yet, I’ve been riding out shockwaves for most of the month, but I expect the dust will be settling soon.

My Indiegogo campaign came to a close with very little flourish. I started it with such high hopes, and I did manage to raise 10% of my goal (which is 100% more funding than I started with). It was definitely a learning process, the number one thing I learned is that I’m terrible at self promotion! But hey, I did get enough money to get started, even if I can’t jump into some of my more advanced design ideas just yet. And that might be a good thing . . . like I said, this month has been a little bit insane. Next step in all this is to fulfill the rewards of those that did contribute and to use my new funds for some sorely needed supplies.


In other news, I decided to join the third annual Year of Projects blog-along hosted on Ravelry (you can find the official group here), and while I had every intention to start at the beginning of July with everyone else, well, this month . . . I blame Mercury being in retrograde. Better late than never, no?

That said, I decided that for my year of projects I won’t be working from a specific lists of projects but more with some general goals in mind. Each month I want to produce:

-3 new sets of wings
-3 novel designs for other pieces (dreamcatcher, jewelry, etc)
-4 YOP blog posts (aiming for one a week)

It’s an organic list that will probably evolve. I considered aiming for 4 sets of wings in a month, or a new set every week, but I decided to start with 3 per month and see how that rate of production went. Likewise, for every pair of wings I create, I also want to create a new design for one of my artifacts or accessories, whether to match the wings or be completely novel. Oddly but happily enough, I think I’ll be able to make that goal this month despite all the chaos. Apparently my method of coping is to start all the projects, and one day I looked down I had three sets of wings framed out at my feet and various components on the needles.


I also want to empty my Roswell basket of all its UFO’s (unfinished objects), as well as establish a habit of taking good photos of my work and process (as opposed to poorly lit photos on my bedroom floor). My latest crafting flurry has resulted in many abandoned projects that have been shoved under the armchair in an attempt to not be overwhelmed by them. I may have to get brave and round them all up . . . then I can have a list of projects to go with YOP after all!

This fairy is going to get back to work while the creative spark is fired up!


8 thoughts on “Fired Up and Catching Up

  1. Better photos, I need to do that too! But I just can’t be bothered most of the time. Crafting is the fun part, not photographing πŸ˜›
    Your projects look really interesting πŸ˜€

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