WIP Cracking and Maze Walking

Work in Progress Wednesday


It seems in the past few months I have had a severe case of “cast on all the things” and I didn’t even notice. But the number of WIPs and UFOs that are spilling from their hiding place under my armchair is overwhelming, so it’s time to get a handle on these puppies. I had every intention of photographing all the WIPs today and posting them here for some measure of accountability, but that’s just a tad overwhelming. So I figure I’ll just spotlight them one at a time, and hopefully turn some of these UFOs into FOs.

First up is the Baltic Finger Labyrinth. No picture as yet, I’ve only knit the first row. I cast this on maybe a month ago (I’m guessing, don’t quite remember, made no notes) in a fit of needing something soothing to knit. I didn’t get very far before I was distracted by something else.

The Labyrinth design is one that holds a lot of significance for me; when I was little, my family took a trip to San Francisco and I walked the labyrinth inside Grace Cathedral. At the time I didn’t know any of the mythology or symbolism surrounding the labyrinth, nor did I really have a reason for walking it beyond this unnamed compulsion. My mother warned me that this wasn’t a game for fun, but I understood that even in my childish way. I remember there were others walking it at different paces, a boy even younger than I was zooming around very quickly, but quietly, and an old man who moved so slowly and deliberately that I passed him on my journey into and out of the center.

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to take a road trip with friends to San Francisco for a few days, and as part of the trip, I insisted on a pilgrimage to Grace Cathedral and to the labyrinth. I walked both the outdoors and indoors mazes – outdoors on our first night in town, indoors on our final day. I’ve never been much for going to church or attending to any religious tradition, but these two opportunities to walk the labyrinth, bookending an amazing journey with my best mate and my new boyfriend, I found a lot of spiritual assurance and guidance that has carried me on since that day.

So when I found a pattern for a “finger labyrinth” (a maze you trace with your fingertip), I just knew I had to make one. Of course tracing with your finger is nothing like actually walking through the turns of the maze, but I have no doubt that this will still become a sentimental artifact connecting me to that wonderful pilgrimage every time I look at it or use it.

The pattern is only 35 rows, and I’m sure I could blast this out in no time, but I made an impromptu decision this morning that I’m going to stretch it out, and only do one row a day. It’ll take me just over a month, and it’ll be an exercise in discipline and savoring the process. Just one row every day, first thing when I get up and have done my chanting.

And since I don’t yet have an interesting picture to show of the project itself, I leave you with a picture of my makeshift yarn holder that I employed when I wound the yarn:



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