Summer Plum Blossom Fairy


The Summer Plum Blossom fairy, usually a shy and soft-spoken fairy, was spotted dancing in the high desert under the Super Moon of this year Midsummer’s Eve. As the tide of the seasons shift and the days begin to get shorter, summer fairies like the Plum Blossom will often let their hair down (so to speak) and let loose in mischievous capers before their season dies and they must retreat as the Winter Fairies take the stage.

Plum Blossom’s geisha-like costume is modest by Fae standards, but it suits her somewhat shy and reserved nature. However, the Plum Blossom truly shines best when she dances; disciplined and well rehearsed, she has been known to dance for hours, and human musicians are warned to beware her captivating influence – although rumor has it that a determined musician may be able to turn her influence against her, thereby ensnaring her in her own magic.

“Dance is the most revered of the geisha’s arts.” – Memoirs of a Geisha, by Arthur Golden


One thought on “Summer Plum Blossom Fairy

  1. I can testify to the fact that this magical creature is indeed a captivating sight on the dance floor. Not only are her movements graceful, not only is she beautiful in every way, but a transcendent love of life pours out from her unto everyone as she dances for hours straight. Truly a remarkable vision to take home in one’s head: refinement and delicate aesthetics combined with the raw and the wild to produce the one-in-a-kind Summer Plum Blossom fairy.

    Sigh…someone tell my doctor I have asthma, because she continues to take my breath away. ❤

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