YOP Check In


Only a few days left to this month! When I made my goals for YOP, I kind of figured that I’d have to cheat a little for July, considering I was getting a late start and all, but I am giving myself a few extra days; I’ve made Saturday, the 3rd, my “deadline” because that’s the same day as one of my good mates birthday bash, and I want to be able to wear one of the new pairs of my wings.

Here’s where I stand with my monthly goals:

La Vida Fae designs (3 sets of wing and 3 novel designs for accessories and/or artifacts)
The wings are basically done, all the components are made, but they still need assembly. I plan to be working on that today. Full reveal of the wings is going to wait until I can do a proper photo-shoot for each pair, but here’s a little teaser for what each set is going to be like:


As for the 3 accessories/artifacts, I have one completed crown to match one of the wings, I’m working on a belt pouch to match a second set, and finally I’m prototyping what I’m calling a “festival harness” as inspired by this. It seems like harnesses like these are all the rage among the festival crowd, and even though it is a novel design to me, one can see how practical they are, especially as a dancer – I have always been slightly annoyed with belt pouches the sit at my waist/hips because I incorporate a lot of hip and belly movement into my dance and things strapped around my waistline tend to just get in the way. I’ve even made Feebles his own mini harness that will eventually be able to button to the strap of my finished harness so he can chill up on my shoulder without falling off.


WIP Busting, or as I affectionately like to call it WIP Cracking:
Progress on the Finger Labyrinth continues, one row every morning after chanting. This is one of my favorite projects on the needles right now, part of me wants to rush ahead and just finish it, but the whole reason I find it so delightful is because I am taking my time.


The stack of UFO’s under my chair has been pulled out and somewhat organized. One of them, my Festival Shawl, has officially been retired until more yarn can be acquired for it. I discovered several things that just require buttons, and I have the other projects somewhat organized so that I can properly tackle them. Keep watching for detail in my WIP Wednesday posts.

And I have new goal to add to my list: Yarn Bombing!
I have never actually yarn bombed something, but I want to, badly! I have always put it off because I could never think of what I wanted to yarn bomb or how, but I need to stop procrastinating in the name of perfection and just get some fibery street art out there. I want to make this a monthly mini-goal, to just put up something small somewhere every month. Of course, if I get a grand idea that is larger scale and takes more time, then I’m of course willing to be flexible with that goal. For July, since this was such a last minute goal addition, I’m using a leftover corkscrew that I made for a dreamcatcher that ended up not being needed – I’m just going to tie it up somewhere where I think it might bring a smile.


Even though I jumped into YOP a little late, and it feels like I’m playing catchup, I’m already so pleased with my decision to play along, it’s helped give me a tremendous amount of focus, and I really can’t wait until this time next year when I’m looking back at all I’ve accomplished!


2 thoughts on “YOP Check In

  1. You did lots of organisation this week, that should help the next months goals fly by and hopefully you won’t feel like your playing catch up anymore. Can’t wait to see the photo shoot and yayyy to the yarn bombing.

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