WIP to FO in 5 minutes

20130731-050735.jpg Wazzup, time for another post by your favorite Tiger Familiar! It’s been a little while, my fairy has really stepped up her posting in her own blog, and I’ve been having a little vacation from writing.

It’s up to me to write this weeks edition of WIP Cracking Wednesday because Luna is too buy hunting for buttons. She needs 3, she’s found 2 that are suitable, and she’s pretty determined not to rest until she produces the third, perfect button. Good thing she recently turned up her tin of buttons that came from her grandmother’s collection.


Now this is more like it! 3 WIPs turned to FOs in a matter of minutes! That wasn’t so hard was it? The wrist cuffs are her own improvised pattern, and the pouch is a slightly scaled up version of Simply Notable’s Tea Toters.




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