I went on a little vacation

. . . and now I’m back.

I left on Saturday to travel 30 miles to the town I used to live in for a friend’s birthday celebration. Thanks to our stupid suburban bus system, it took 2 bus rides, 10 miles of walking, and over 6 hours of travel to go only 30 miles. I cleaned up for the party in the venue bathroom and then danced for 6 hours. Sore and blistered does not even begin to describe it.

I wore one of my new sets of wings, but quickly discovered some flaws in my technique, so now they need repair before they can have their photoshoot. I was supposed to take photos with my mate before the party, but there was too much going on helping the crew set up the venue.

I then went on to stay in town a few extra days helping a friend get settled into his new place. I finally came home Wednesday evening, though it seems I may have over done it a little and I’m now fighting off symptoms of getting sick.

I didn’t really complete my July projects on deadline as I anticipated, so I’m going to adjust my plans for August to include finishing up. This is totally ok, it was ambitious plan and it served its purpose in stoking the creative fire. Hopefully by the time September starts, I’m more “on track”, but the whole point of making monthly goals for YOP was more about pushing myself creatively rather than meeting every goal perfectly.

There will be a proper YOP update on Sunday, but today and tomorrow I’m playing catch up from being away. I’ve got a load of laundry that needs to be folded an put away, another load to be washed, a back log in my media feed, and a feeling of general disarray in my space. So inbetween nursing my slightly sore throat, I’ll be cleaning up and getting ready to tackle my next set of creative goals with fervor.


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