Can I get a jump please?

Well, I seem to have stagnated a little, at least in terms of crafty progress. I feel like I’m kind of forcing myself to do this post, but sometimes when I’m stuck, I need to do SOMETHING just for the sake of making or writing something. Because no matter what you do, be it knit or write or yoga or music or whatever, sometimes there are great days, and sometimes there are blah days (or weeks, or even months) and you have to keep practicing; you never know what may trigger the spark to flare up again. So having said that, let’s have YOP update.


I missed last week entirely, and now we’re already well into August. So where did I leave off?

July Goals
3 new pairs of wings: pair 1 was completed and worn out for a test run at my friend’s birthday celebration, where shortcomings in the design were quickly revealed. They now require some repair and still have not had their photo shoot. Pairs 2 and 3 are not yet completed because I ran into some design problems with the new elastic straps; however once I figure this little design problem out, they should be done pretty quickly.

3 other accessories/artifacts: the flower crown to match the first pair of wings suffered the same design flaws and needs to be pieced back together. The belt pouch to match the second pair of wings has had progress but is not done. The festival harness has stalled out in design; it remains more conceptual than actualized.

WIP Cracking: ehhh, this goes at about the same pace. I finally got some more yarn needed to work on one of the WIPs. Nothing turned into a FO yet.

Yarn Bombing: Total fail. Not only did I not get my little spiral tied up somewhere creative or cute, but I somehow lost it entirely. Whoops.

Well, I knew July was going to be rushed since I jumped into the game so late, so I’m not going to beat myself up over these “failures”. And while I may have stagnated a little on my crafting, other great things got done in this time, including helping a friend get moved into his new place and meeting a really cute guy with a very kindred spirit (and a really good kisser!).

But back to the crafting. My goals for August stand as thus:
-Finish the 2 pairs of wings that remain unfinished. Repair of the first pair is sort of on the list, but at a lower priority since those are for personal use and the other two are going to be for sale.
-Finish the belt pouch and festival harness
-I have two designs in mind for wings that I wanted to created in August, one set of my usual two panel pixie sized wings, and one set of four panel butterfly wings. I think I’m going to start on the two panel wings first, and depending on how the month goes, the four panel wings might get saved for September.
-In WIP Cracking, I’d like to focus my attention on a neglected baby blanket for my fairy godchild. She was born in April, and I failed to complete the blanket in time for her birth, so now I’d really love to finish it up by her half-birthday in October, which feels appropriate since this is going to be a fairly warm blanket better suited for winter than spring.
-For yarn bombing, I have a little green star and a little blue flower that didn’t make the cut for being included in other projects, so I’m going to find new homes for them somewhere out in the world. And this time I will actually yarn bomb them and not lose them!


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