Short and Sweet


Wings: No progress . . . they’re starting to nag at me, but I told them that unless they want to solve their design flaws on their own, they’re just going to have to be patient.

Belt Pouch: I’m finishing up the gusset piece, and then stitiching it up should be a quick job. I’m thinking I want to make some appliqué stars to match their counterpart wings.

Festival harness: no progress

WIP Cracking: I pulled out the baby blanket and faced the reality that I’m going to have to do some frogging, but fortunately not on the blanket itself! I made a half circle shawl a while ago with the same yarns and I really should have saved the yarn for the blanket. The shawl just does not work for me, I never wear it, and the best thing to do is reclaim the yarn and properly finish the blanket.


Yarn bombing: Hopefully by the time this post goes live (I’m writing it in advance), I’ll have yarn bombed my little green star and blue flower somewhere. I’m supposed to be going out this weekend and plan to seize the opportunity to decorate with fiber! Pictures of locations to follow.


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