I swear, all I did was blink


It’s been a while, so I consider this a YOP update, WIP Wednesday, and FO Friday post all in one. And I’m posting it on a Thursday, because that’s the kind of month it’s been.

There is no adequate way to sum up what the month of August has been like. A surprising amount happened while still leaving me feeling like nothing much got done. My last update was over 2 weeks ago, although I neglected to share the link for my last post on the forum so it gives the feeling that my last update was ages ago.

A ton of stuff has happened in the past 3 1/2 weeks that distracted me from my crafty goals:

– I met a guy . . . ‘Nuff said . . . I could seriously gush on and on about meeting this guy, but it’s still a bit early and I’m savoring the details to myself for a while yet.

– I decided to start a massive project with my best friend that will ultimately result in the creation of our own company . . . The details are only just starting to get fleshed out, and most of the project is being kept a surprise for now, but our idea combines our unique skill sets (me with dance and crafts, and him with IT and networking) with our love of festivals.

– I spent a few days in a hotel room with close friends getting ridiculously drunk and philosophizing about everything under the sun

– I spent 3 days cleaning house and then performing a cleansing ceremony with my mum and a close family friend. Now a lot of the house in a state of bigger mess (there was a fair amount of furniture moving involved) but we have cleared out many boxes and garbage bags of stuff and the project of simplifying belonging and clearing the energy of rooms continues.

– I spent a lot of time with friends in need, giving pep talks and making fairy house calls.

– I went to the beach for the first time in AGES . . . so much fun just just chill with friends, dance on the sand, and splash in the surf


I think that covers the highlights of the month . . .

So what did happen on the crafting front? Well, if I’m honest, I had a bit of a burnout. And looking through the last couple posts I’ve made, I’m surprised I didn’t see this coming. I joined Year of Projects to force me to jumpstart my creativity and hold myself accountable for manifesting my dreams of having my own business into reality. Instead, it brought to light the stress I was putting on myself to succeed.

When I first got a fire under my bum to start La Vida Fae to sell my wings and other creations, I had this fantasy of what it would be like. But fantasy only becomes reality with the application of lots of hard work. I knew this, but I somehow still ended up assigning myself a lot of pressure to have tangible results right away, I gave myself no leeway for any experimentation or learning curve. My crowd-funding campaign was the first clue that expectations might have to be adjusted; as a marketing newbie, I barely generated any attention for my cause and consequently only raised 10% of my goal. But it was a learning experience, and still netted me enough money to make a respectable start. However that should have been my cue to look at the plan again and adjust the fantasy based on on reality. Instead, I kept pushing ahead at full steam. There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting with 10% of needed resources, but one cannot keep expecting the same results as if they had started with 100%.

So I gave myself a break. I’ve been working on whatever project I can get the motivation to put effort into. I feel like if I get the number of WIPs I have hanging around down to a more reasonable number, I’ll feel less stress about getting things done and more freedom to be creative again. I’ve also given myself permission to do a few quick little projects for the sake of some instant gratification, which was a brilliant idea as it has helped to get the creative juices going again. And it means I actually have finished object photos to share!

I made a little pouch as part of a friend’s birthday gift. As I haven’t known this friend for very long, I had no idea what would make an appropriate gift, but I wanted to give something that had my energy worked into it. I wasn’t able to give the gift on the actual day, but that’s all right because the gift has now taken on a life of it’s own; I soon realized this wasn’t an ordinary trinket pouch, but a fairy spell pouch and various magical bits and pieces have been making their way into the pouch as it sits on my alter and charges up with good energy.


I also made a set of poi, so now I can finally get back to practicing. If you are unfamiliar with the art of poi spinning, check this video out.
I’ve had a bad habit of giving away or losing my practice sets, and I hadn’t made a new set in ages because I no longer have a reliable scale to measure out the weights that I make from rice balloons. Well, my dear BFF pointed out that even though I can’t measure by weight, I can still measure by volume, so that’s exactly what I did. This worked brilliantly because I was forced to make them lighter than I usually do, and my one complaint with my previous designs was that they tended to be a little too heavy and a little too short. These are excellent, they even had a great test run while I was at the beach by 5 or 6 different spinners of various skill levels.


I’ve got two main WIPs that I’ve been giving attention. The first is the festival harness I’ve been letting languish. I finally stopped trying to make the design more complicated than it needs to be and started knitting one of the side pouches. It’s slightly tedious going being all garter stitch on size 4 needles, but it’s quite good when I need something mindless to work on while I think or read.


I’ve also put loads of work into the baby blanket I’m making for my fairy godchild. My aim is to give it to her for her half birthday in October, and at the rate I’m going, it should be ready in just a week or two. I keep debating weather it is big enough or not, because it is more than adequate size for a 6 month old, but I also want her to keep and use this blanket for as long as possible. I only have enough yarn to make it so big, so I think I’ll just keep crocheting until I reach the natural limit.


So now that it’s September, I should probably think about where I want to go with YOP. I aim to post my next update on Sunday (or Monday), during which time I’ll reexamine my goals and what it is that I want to get out of YOP, as well as blogging as a whole.


2 thoughts on “I swear, all I did was blink

  1. You know, when you first started the crowd funding business and what not, I was kind of concerned that you were aiming a little too high. The last thing I wanted or want to do is discourage you in anyway from reaching yr full potential as an artist and a fairy. If delusional optimism is what gives you the power to flap your wings through the Cave of Challenges into the Sunset of Success then my word, be as delusionally optimistic as you can be!

    My point was though, I had always thought that having a lot of smaller projects would have worked out better for the crowd funding (to draw people in at all levels of donation) and also for your own sanity. Having several different kinds of things going at once may stop you from pushing out lots of big projects quickly like you hoped for, but I don’t think you’ll get as bored or as burnt out quite so easily. That and you’ll get the satisfaction of completing more things if they’re smaller.

    Definitely make poi a staple of your creations for sale. There’s a couple of our friends that would definitely want some, and since the cost to make them is cheaper you’re much more likely to get some sold. Once you’ve got some of your products floating around catching peoples’ eyes, they’ll take notice of your skill and want something for themselves!

    I know you’ve got a facebook page for yr business but I definitely want to work on making up your own website, as well. We can do a lot more with that.

    love you, keep up the good work and keep the words flowin’!


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