Why are we doing this again?

I seem to have lost sight of why I blog. I haven’t written anything in ages, and my last handful of posts read like report cards of what I’ve done and failed to do, sprinkled with over-tones of burn out.

This blog is titled La Vida Fae, or The Fairy Life, except I haven’t written anything that relates to fairy life since earlier in the summer. I barely feel like I’ve been living a fairy life. The past month especially has taken me for quite a wild ride; there was a lot of loss, illness, tears, and unpleasantness.

But today is October 1st, the first day of my favorite month. In my part of Southern California, this is a month of beautiful weather, with summer giving it’s last hurrah, and autumn taking the stage to make it’s entrance. A lot of people don’t like the variable temperatures (or the wind that often comes with the changes), but I love it. It gets all the ions stirring and just makes me feel alive! My birthday falls towards the end of the month, and this year I’m turning 27, a beautiful number because it is the product of 3 cubed, and 3 is a number that caries special meaning for a variety of reasons. And we also have my favorite holiday this month: Halloween. I don’t like zombies or gross body parts, I can’t say I care for our commercialized portrayal of witches, I can’t stand candy corn, and orange isn’t exactly my favorite color, but there is just something utterly irresistible about Halloween. It’s a holiday of mysticism and mischief, which are two favorite things of any fairy.

October is, no doubt, a magical month for me, but all magic requires a little effort on the part of the user, so starting today I’m going to get back on the pegasus that threw me and start manifesting la vida fae!



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