Cold Weather and Warm Stars

The weather has turned, it is definitely autumn now. While the days are still pleasant, the oppressive heat of summer that just sits in the canyon like an uncomfortable blanket is gone. I’ve finally gotten out the space heater to take the chill from my bedroom in the mornings and evenings, and I’ve faced the idea that I’m going to have to finally wrestle the duvet back into it’s cover and make up my bed for winter coziness; the random fling of blankets that I nest in during the warm weather isn’t cutting it any more.

And just in time, I finished crocheting a blanket for my fairy godchild. I had intended it to be a gift for her birth back in April, but had a small crisis of running out of yarn. However, as hot as the summer was, I doubt she would have gotten much use out of a thick acrylic blanket, so the delay in presentation isn’t much of a tragedy.


I can’t find the pattern that I started from, but it’s essentially a ripple pattern done in the round to create a star. I’m calling it La Petite Supernova, which will have meaning to fairy godchild’s father, one of my longest standing and dearest friends. I had plans to deliver this weekend, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make that happen; however, fairy godchild’s half birthday isn’t until the 15th, so I have a little time to make my presentation.



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