Office Space, Sort Of

Lots of people go to work in offices, or have some kind of office space in their homes. Dancers use dance studios, or at least hang mirrors and lay down hardwood floors somewhere in their space. Photographers need a dark room if they work in film, or some kind of desk space if they work in digital. Musicians usually have a dedicated space for production, ranging from in the garage to in a rented studio. And this little fiber fairy is determined to create a fiberlicious work space. Now this isn’t to say that all work must be done in an office, or that art can’t be created outside the studio, but having a dedicated space can be incredibly helpful to staying organized and focused.

This is my current crafting space:

Note the unfinished project pile of shame next to the chair. Not pictured are the unfinished projecst underneath the chair.

This is where I store my yarn, in this box here:

In this mesh hanging thingy here (which also houses other items not related to fiber crafts):

And even in this suitcase here:

I won’t even mention the basket of random craft supplies that hides next to the closet . . . except that I just did. Needless to say, my craft storage and work space has gotten a little ridiculous.

Across from my bedroom is the newly cleaned out spare room. It’s a space I share with my mum, but I have use of this set of drawers in the closet (including the plastic ones stacked on top of the dresser thingy):

And this desk, which used to be my study space when I was still in school:

My plan is to start consolidating all my craft supplies into the drawers, and to use the desk as a work space. No longer will unfinished projects be able to hide away under the furniture where I can pretend they don’t exist while I cast on yet another project to distract myself. And with all my yarn and tools organized and accessible, I’ll still be able take projects outside of the workspace – like if I want to take advantage of nice weather outside – without having to hunt down all the necessary items. I still plan to use my comfy red armchair for crafting, but it’s going to be my space for personal crafting, for the projects I want to work on just for me in my chill time.

So onto step one of creating my space – clear off the desk!


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