Motif on the rocks please

20131011-112448.jpg Wazzup? Have you all forgotten about me, Familiar Extraordinaire? It’s been a quick minute since my fairy last let me write a post. She’s been busy cleaning up her craft space and getting projects done! Check out her new desk space:


Doesn’t that look cozy? She’s got everything from her tools to her notebook, and even has a spiffy stand to prop up her iPad so she can listen to music or watch podcasts while she works, and there’s still plenty of space for me to chill with her! Now all her “work” related crafting has been moved over to her workspace, and she just has personal crafting left in the bedroom, which has made her feel much less stressed about all the projects in progress because now she can actually prioritize! She’s been feeling so productive, she finally got something completed that had been sitting around for ages driving her nuts:


That’s her Chanting Scarf, being modeled by my brother Croissant. She used the Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf pattern, and made it 54 motifs long. I had to ask her what a “motif” was and could I drink it with a paper umbrella, and she said I was thinking of an “aperitif”, and no, I couldn’t have one of those either. Apparently a motif is an individual component or design feature that gets repeated, or in this case the flowery circle bits that make up the scarf, but I think a motif should mean “fizzy drink with a paper umbrella that Familiars drink during Happy Fun Time”. She chose the number 54 so that when she chants mantras during her meditation sessions, she can keep track of how many she’s done, the same way people use a japa mala or a rosary. If she chants her way down the length of the scarf and back again, that makes the traditional 108 repetitions.

Such discipline! I guess as her familiar I should be encouraging that sort of good stuff, but all work and no play makes a boring fairy, so I’m off to mix up a new “motif” recipe to surprise her!


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