Hunter’s Moon, Hunting Intentions

Tonight is a full moon, and specifically it’s the Hunter Moon, named for the first full moon after the Harvest Moon when hunters use the bright light to stalk game for winter.

There will also be a lunar eclipse where the earth’s shadow blocks the moon from reflecting light. This is a time of emotional upheaval that can lead to new breakthroughs if one is willing to dive through the breakdowns to the other side.

Next week the moon is apogee, which means at it’s furthest point from earth. This is a good time to look at the big picture and long term goals.

Tonight I think I’m going to set up my tent in the yard and sleep outdoors. I don’t literally hunt game, but I’m thinking of having a ritual to honor Artemis and think of what intentions in my life I want to hunt down. The past few days have definitely had some emotionally trying moments so I think now is a great time to purge all of that dark energy and allow the moonlight to illuminate the bigger picture.


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