Birthday Fairy

Guess what? It’s my birthday! Today I am 27, or as I’ve fondly been thinking of it, 3 cubed!

Last night BFF and I made shepherds pie for dinner but we started so late that we didn’t finish cooking until 1am, so I started my birthday with a late night feast. I should have taken a picture of the deliciousness, but we were slightly drunk and hungry, so most of it got eaten the moment it was cool enough to put in our mouths. I had some of the leftovers for breakfast, yummy!


The birthday fairy came and left some surprises for me this morning!


Wine, chocolate, and coffee = breakfast of fairy birthday champions!

Tonight is a dinner of pot roast and my favorite wine. We’re also baking my birthday cake today, and going to watch Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. I like my birthdays simple and cozy!

Unfortunately I do need to do some domestic chores today like clean the kitchen and scrub the toilet, mostly because my parents are coming home from a week’s vacation, and I’m leaving to go away for the weekend tomorrow, so I’d like things to be nice before I go, but whatever, I’ve had such an awesome, lazy, fun, well fed week that I can do a few chores on my b-day, no biggie! Though I am probably going to wake BFF up soon and make him help me 😉


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