My Favorite Day of the Year . . .

No special plans for Halloween this year, I did most of my partying over my birthday week, but today has still been a special day nevertheless; I love the feeling of the veil thinning, and I plan to go out walking around sunset to take it all in. No costume this year, I’ll be bundled up for my walk since it’s been getting frosty in our canyon, but I’ll still be donning my newest set of wings assuming I can get the straps over my jacket. I like the fact that I don’t make elastic wing straps because the wings stay more firmly in place, but I still need to figure out a way to make them size adjustable . . . anyway I digress.

There’s a lot of gatherings and impromptu events happening tonight, but I’m kind of glad to be spending the evening alone. Tonight feels like a good night to spend with the spirits, meditating and untangling the emotional chaos of everyday life. The Celtic festival of Samhain has been regarded as being the Celtic New Year, the historical accuracy of which is debatable, but nevertheless, it is regarded as a time when the barriers between worlds is more easily permeated so that fairies and the undead may cross over more easily. To me it is a day to get in touch with my fae roots and spirit guardians, to celebrate my infinite nature by dressing up as something else, and to shed any other metaphorical masks I may have been hiding behind.

I’ve had lots of ideas and inspiration since my birthday week, so tonight I talk to my guides and set my intentions, and tomorrow morning I start manifesting with fresh energy.


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