Lucidity Festival and Dreamcatcher Giveaway!


Early Bird ticket sales started for Lucidity 2014 this past week, and thinking about the festival has gotten Feebles and I extremely excited and motivated! Even though it’s still months away, it’s never too early to start getting excited and preparing.

Lucidity 2013 was my first large scale festival, and it was an absolutely life changing experience. I went entirely by myself, and though I found lots of people I knew and spent lots of excellent time bonding with them, I still spent much of my time wandering around with just Feebles to keep me company; it was my first completely autonomous journey I had made in a very long time after a rough break up earlier in the year. There was no way I could afford a ticket, but once I decided I wanted to go, I submitted a volunteer application and committed all my energy to manifesting a way to get there. I was so grateful when my hard work paid off and I found myself dancing under the stars and the trees, surrounded by more family members than I ever knew I had. I came back feeling healed, whole, inspired, and empowered to make anything happen in my life. It was shortly after coming home from Lucidity that I got the inspiration to finally turn La Vida Fae into a business and actually sell my creations, instead of just saying that I would do it someday.

Feebles and I will absolutely be attending Lucidity Universe and we couldn’t be more excited, especially since I won’t be such a festival newbie this time! Last year I made some mistakes with ridiculous consequences, like bringing a pup tent that needs tension lines staked down in order to stay upright – big mistake because everyone kicked out the lines accidentally and my tent fell down a lot, sometimes with me in it; I ended up tying my tent to a tree to keep it upright, and even that didn’t work 100%. I also got completely overwhelmed by the packed schedule and ended up missing some worthwhile workshops, but now that I have a feel for festival life, I’ll be able to much better manage my time.

But there’s also a lot of things I look forward to repeating, such as the amazing times dancing earlier in the morning for the artists that didn’t have big crowds because everyone was still sleeping in or doing their morning yoga; there were several awesome moments making eye contact with the DJ, that wordless moment of acknowledgement, “All right, it’s just you and me, you give me your best moves and I’ll give you mine.” I’m also looking forward to more random encounters with stunningly beautiful and inspiring people, like the one morning my mate Bhagavate and I had breakfast with a couple of gorgeous mermaids (they had legs for the morning); we ate crackers and “tomato shmear” which lead to all sorts of fun catchphrases like “Shmear the love! Love the shmear!”

This year I applied to be a Lucidity Ambassador, to promote this coming year’s festival and give out a discount code for tickets! Now this isn’t just any old code to spam the net with, but those who make contact with me can get the discount code and will also be entered into my own special drawing* for a Lucidity Universe themed dreamcatcher! You can get in touch via the various methods listed on my Contact page, or just fill in the form below!

*this drawing is in no way officially affiliated with Lucidity Festival, it’s just my own little way of sharing more fairy love and magic


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