Attack of the Books

I’m lacking in crafty mojo lately, but I have had tons of motivation to clean. I wouldn’t say my space in the house is horribly messy, especially considering some living spaces I’ve been in – I won’t name names but I’ve been in bedrooms where unspeakable things go to die and I have been a little scared to go to sleep.

But even though my room is still livable and relatively hygienic, I got tired of the clutter that was accumulating, especially the stacks of books, and craft supplies, and clothes that never quite made it to the closet. So I started in one corner of the room and have been doing a full clean sweep, pulling out anything that didn’t belong in that space and finding a home for it. I’m about half way done with the room and now I’m getting to one of the most difficult parts: the bookshelf.


I could easily fill a room with books, but I try not to get too attached to material belongings, so I’ve made the radical decion to reduce my books to just the ones I really adore. Problem is there are whole stacks of books I haven’t read yet, as well as books that aren’t even mine but have made their way onto my shelf through one way or another (living partially out of your car for several years is a good way to accumulate a lot of random stuff, most of which you don’t want).

I’ve already begun the ruthless culling process, setting aside books that I have loved but can now part with to donate to the library. There has been some talk of a neighborhood mini library, so I’m thinking that if we can get the weatherproof library case set up, I can jumpstart the collection with these books. I’m also set to return a whole stack of books to their rightful owner, I’ve even designated a special book bag for them (not looking forward to hauling that around on the bus, but at least it’s a one way journey).

donation books

But that still leaves all the books I’ve been meaning to read. So I’m going to be reading a lot more over the coming months. I used to read all the time as a kid, so much so that my punishments were to have my books taken away until I finished my homework or chores, the way most kids get TV or video games taken away. It didn’t help, I’d just grab another book, and thus started my habit of reading 3 or 4 books at the same time. When my ex and I lived out of a tent, we’d spend loads of time at the library and I’d average a book every day and a half.

Lately I’ve been reading somewhat less, but I’m going to have to step it up if I ever want to get these books sorted. However, I’m giving myself permission to abandon a book if it’s dragging or no good. Normally I’ll read through all the way just get a sense of the book (and see if it improves by the end) because I was raised surrounded by writers and seeing how a plot (even a bad one) develops interests me, but when it comes to culling my collection, I need to get a little ruthless.


In an effort to assist with my quest, or at least make it more interesting, I signed up for a Good Reads account, and I will be briefly reviewing each book that I read, as well as occasionally posting reviews for oldies but goodies in my collection. Yesterday I finished a quick little read, Success One Day at a Time. I got this book as a 21st birthday gift and it sort of lay neglected in a drawer for ages. I finished it in one sitting and it actually had a lot of little bits of wisdom and beautiful quotes that were exactly what I needed just now. So the book may have had to wait years for it’s proper timing, but the time did arrive! I’ve also done a review for one of my old favorites, Eat, Pray, Love. I’m going to aim to review at least one book a week (old or new, or both) and I’m not really aiming to give professional quality reviews, just my personal opinion on the book.


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