I’m noticing . . .

I’m noticing that I need a creative push just as much as anyone else. There really isn’t anyone else in my circle that does what I do with fiber crafts, so I rarely get the kind of creative feedback that my other friends get when they share a new track or graphic design or video they created. But last night I got frustrated enough with my creative stagnation to just spill my guts to two different friends, and each gave me some very supportive words and encouragement from two very different angles; I found that even as we were typing messages back and forth to each other, I was running back and forth with craft supplies and getting some work underway. Now I just need to find a solution for this one set of wings that has been stumping me for months . . . I’m getting the crazy feeling that I’m over thinking it and I just need to put the pieces I have together and look at the big picture.

I’m also noticing that even though nobody really does what I do, I’m not the only fiber crafter in the tribe, there’s a few others who have been expanding their skills, or at least desiring to do so. And this is freaking awesome, it’s inspiring me to work on new patterns and projects that I can share with them, and even though distance and transportation issues may keep us from forming a regular “stitch&bitch” group, I think we could still do a lot with online stitch and sharing sessions. I’ve said to myself for a while that it would be cool to assemble a collection of online resources, but there’s already so much aviailable, I was unsure as to what I could contribute that would be unique and helpful. Now I feel like I’ve got some focus in this direction, and one of my new projects is to write up an easy pattern for a beginner level project that one of my close mates has expressed a lot of enthusiasm for.

And I’m noticing that the more I open up to my friends and family about my creative stagnation, the more I can start to feel the creative energy flow again. Just today I got a blast of inspiration that lead to a couple new projects, plus a few solutions for projects I had set aside in time out. I’m hoping this weekend brings about some more creative stimulation to push me through these bigger projects that I really need to get done!


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