Tuesday Afternoon

We could call this post “Tuesday Tunes” because I missed out on doing a “Music on Monday” playlist yesterday (my excuse is that I was on a mini-vacation for the day). We could also call it “Tackle it Tuesday” because I’m getting down to work on a few things that have haunted my to-do list for a bit too long now. We could also call it “Terrific Tuesday” because nothing satifies quite the same way as being really productive with some good tunes in the background. Or I could stop thinking up alternate post titles and just get on with it.

To start off my playlist selections, I have to share one of the newest aural-gasmic offerings put out by my favorite band, Small Town Zeros. I’ve been having a bit of difficulty embedding Soundcloud tracks in my posts, so we’ll have to make do with a link today: Gypsy Death Star “Telethon” – Small Town Zeros remix featuring Kapeesh
If you’ve never heard the sexy excellence that is Small Town Zeros or Kapeesh, you need to check them out ASAP, I’ll wait . . .

Now that we’ve got a good musical vibe, time to get to work:

This might look like a pile of laundry in a basket, but it isn’t. Ok, well it is, but those white sheets on top are the material I’ve been waiting for so I can cut out some big beautiful snowflakes for my tribe’s Solstice gathering this coming weekend! The sheets could use a quick wash before I get started, so this is perfect motivation to get my other laundry washed up as well!

Let’s switch gears to something a little differnt. I’ve been on a good little kick listening to minimal house lately, and BFF has been sending me links to some brilliant sets and mixes, including this sassy one. It’s a long one, but I set the video to start at my favorite part. Despite being friends with a fair number of DJs, I still speak dancer more fluently than DJ-speak, so I don’t know any of the proper terminology to describe mixes, but from a dancer and music lover’s perspective, what this DJ did with the Beatles “Come Together” is freaking fantastic, it blends so seamlessly with the rest of the music that you’d think it had originally been written that way.

So besides laundry and giant snowflakes, what else is getting tackled today?


“Is that a new set of wings?” you ask. Why yes, that is a new set of wings . . . sort of . . . they will be a newly finished set soon, but these babies have been sitting on my craft desk for far, far too long. This set of wings was originally commissioned by one of my dearest and oldest standing friends six months ago, and the fact that they are not yet completed is almost downright shameful. There are many, many reasons and excuses behind the delay in these wings, and perhaps I will share the story in more detail soon, but right now I am determined to get them finished! Despite facing down several daunting creative blocks, I am finally in the homestretch and I can’t wait to see them completed and ready for flight, and more importantly, I cannot wait to get them delivered, and just in time for Christmas!

To keep my energy up when I’m trying to be productive, I need to take frequent dance breaks, and this is one of my recent finds that is just fun to move to:

I feel that tracks like this mirror who I am as a dancer, with elements of classical influence, but a vibe that is very modern and almost avant garde. One of these days I’ll make a video to showcase my ballet/liquid style.

And now that I’ve tackled writing this blog post, it’s time for tea and getting back to work for me:


and a crazy awesome saxophone battle for you:


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