Ending The Year On A Bass Note

The end of this year has been wrapped in a lot of loss and emotional turmoil. I can’t remember a more love filled Christmas season, but having it tempered with so much sorrow has been exhausting. Currently I don’t have any plans for New Year’s, aside from taking some time to clear out and purge old energy and sadness while getting ready to welcome in fresh energy and love and abundance and creativity.

So here’s what I’m listening to as I vacuum, finish laundry, refresh my alter, and organize my projects in progress. I’m still having trouble getting Soundcloud embedding to cooperate on my iPad, something to fix in the new year.

The Big Red Funk – Winter Solstice set, Surviving the Off Season (link to Soundcloud)


One thought on “Ending The Year On A Bass Note

  1. Glad to see that you’re doing music Monday again! The past few weeks have definitely been really hard, but we have a lot of amazing people that love and support us that make life’s sufferings tolerable enough to find joy in another sunrise. Once again I’d like to mention how much it means that you’ve been there for me, filling me up with fairy magick and even understanding and not reacting to my outbursts of negativity. Thank you for truly earning the title of bff over and over.

    Also, I’m really digging that kraak and smaak song, I hadn’t heard it before and of courseware I couldn’t help but think that the song applies to how I feel about you. 😉

    Eagerly awaiting your next post, hope to see something by feebley-foo soon


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