New Year’s Intentions

New Year’s Resolutions: The practice of being just honest enough to identify that we are not perfect and making a list of things to change with the hope that some magic spell will take effect January 1st transforming us into the people we wish we were.
Setting Intentions: The practice of identifying what we want, need, and desire, and aligning our energy with manifesting these ideas into reality.

Intentions I am setting for the new year:

-Gaining enough financial stability to get another vehicle so that I can reestablish my mobile independence and take this fairy life on the road! I’m aiming to get a fixer-upper van, but anything large enough to live out of on the road without being so large I have upgrade my driver’s license class will be perfect.

-Getting to as many festivals and events as possible this year, with an emphasis on my participation with Lucidity and my home tribes, Psychedelic Monks and B Entertained. Also want to get to Lightening in a Bottle for the first time, as well as push my comfort zone with a multi-day desert and/or deep winter event (something along the lines of Wasteland Weekend, Burning Man, or Snowglobe to name a few off the top of my head, specifically events in environments that would challenge my comfort zone and survival skills, but in a fun way)

-Expanding my art in new and novel directions, in both my fiber arts and performance arts. 2013 was definitely a year of exploring what I could do with my fairy wings and other fae fiber creations, and finding a way to turn my art in a sustainable lifestyle. I want 2014 to be the year I incorporate in more dance and flow arts, as well as continuing to push the limits of my fiber craft. I also want to share even more of my art. Social media and I do not click so well, so even though I have the intention to share, the actual habit of doing so is still being implemented.

-Continue to explore Relationship Anarchy. 2013 started off with a very rocky breakup and I have since spent the year examingin my ideas about love, relationships, what it means to be monogamous, what it means to be in an open relationship, and I have come to determine that I identify as a relationship anarchist – or one who strives to supersede the labels and hierarchical rankings of “normal” relationships and values each relationship for what it is with each individual.

-Continue to learn and study new things that puzzle me and pique my curiosity. In addition to expanding my knowledge and experience in fiber arts, dance, and flow arts, some of my in progress and upcoming areas of study include brushing up on French and learning some basic coding.

And of course there will be plenty of new designs for La Vida Fae as I continue to make my more and more outlandish ideas into reality, as well as more blog posts by Feebles the familiar!



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