Festival Frenzy

I got some exciting mail yesterday:


Lucidity Universe promotion posters! I had completely forgotten that these were on their way to me, so now I need to carefully choose the perfect places to put them up.

And as a Lucidity Ambassador, I also received 2 very awesome stickers:


I’m having trouble deciding if I’ll give both of them away or keep one for myself. The thing with stickers is you need a good place to stick them, so if I find the perfect place to stick, then I’m definitely keeping one.

With the arrival of the posters, getting ready for Lucidity is starting to feel a whole lot more real. Even though it’s still early for some preparations like finding a ride-share to the campground, or choosing a new duffel bag instead of using last year’s way too cumbersome Luggage of Doom, there is still a lot to do. For starters, I need to get started working on the Universe themed dreamcatcher that I’m giving away. I did spend a lot of time considering how I was going to represent the theme in a dreamcatcher, but it wasn’t until I saw the beautiful posters that inspiration struck, and I knew I had to replicate that gorgeous celestial color palate. I found the perfect yarn online last night, and just have to wait for it to arrive before I get started!

In the meantime, I’ll be putting up these posters and continuing to promote my discount code for tickets. Speaking of which, if you’ll indulge me in a little shameless self-promotion: using my discount code for your festival tickets will not only save you a little money, but it helps me earn my ticket to the festival this year. Working for my ticket is the only way I can afford to go, and I only need 10 more people to use my discount code before my ticket is covered. And as my way of saying thank you for using my code, I’ll include your name in the drawing for the Universe dreamcatcher giveaway. This isn’t a giveaway that officially affiliated with Lucidity Festivals in any way, it’s just my way of saying thanks! So if your interested, getting in touch with me is a simple as filling out the form below:


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