A Dream is a Wish . . .

“Vision without execution is just hallucination” – Henry Ford

The first month of this crazy surreal new year is coming to a close, and it has been extraordinary so far, and promises to continue to be a truly transformative year!

I’m not usually one to buy into the hype of “new year, new me” because I believe that everyday should be treated as a new opportunity to manifest your dream life, but after last year ended with so much sadness and loss for myself and many close to me, the prospect of a fresh calendar year felt like as good a time as any to get radically passionate about my life adventure and to commit to manifesting new habits that would help bring my dreams to life. And once you put a committed intention out into the universe, the universe conspires to put the resources you need into your path, like a cosmic Easter egg hunt. Remember that thrill of joy of finding another egg to put in your basket, even the ones hiding in obvious places? And once I had made the intention to really turn up the heat and chase my dream full throttle, the universe practically started dropping Easter eggs in my lap.

The first is a video done by one of my favorite contemporaries, Nathaniel Solace, in which he makes a fantastic sledding metaphor to illustrate the need to examine your habits and participate in their creation:

So why do we get stuck get stuck in our sled tracks? It might be human nature to be creatures of habit, but it’s also human nature to seek out novelty, it’s what drives our sense of curiosity and creativity. Often times I think we get nervous to explore making new sled tracks. One friend of mine recently confessed a very revealing piece of truth about his desire to pursue learning to DJ and produce music and why he hasn’t yet gotten started:

I naturally procrastinate [. . .] I was hesitant. I don’t want to start something I won’t finish.

I think this is a relatable feeling for a lot of people, we often hesitate wondering if we can truly commit to our dreams, and we second guess ourselves a lot. Will I be any good at this? Will learning this skill even pay off? Will I just be wasting my time, or money, or both, investing in a skill that I later just abandon? It’s easier to tell ourselves that we will get started, but we’ll wait until we can afford the perfect equipment, or until we find the perfect class, or until next month when we have more time – it’s not like we’re giving up on our dreams, we’re just giving them a fair chance by not screwing them up right off the bat, right?

But like Henry Ford said, vision without execution is hallucination – and hallucinations can be pretty fun sometimes, but they’re not real. We’re not preserving our dreams by procrastinating, we’re denying them a chance to ever live, slowly suffocating them until they shrivel up into the wistful wishes of the past.

Last week I made another very cool discovery on the internet, in the form of a website called GiveIt100.com. It was dreamed up by a pair of very enterprising friends who wanted to encourage others to follow their dreams and be brave enough to just jump into doing a new skill, or even improving upon an existing skill. Karen Cheng, aka The Girl Who Learned to Dance in a Year, explains most eloquently why we should just jump into pursuing the dreams and skills we want to pursue:

So in celebration of committing to a dream, I decided to sign up for GiveIt100. I spent a lot of time debating which skill I would focus on, since there are quite a number of things that I am currently working on or intend to start soon. But with perfect cosmic timing, my answer arrived in the mail on Tuesday of this week:


The fire fans I had ordered from Home of Poi arrived earlier than I expected! So of course I had to start practicing at once, and I noticed right off the bat that while I’m going to love dancing with these fans, it is most definitely going to take plenty of practice before I feel totally natural with them. I knew that it would, every new skill requires practice, but it’s always a reality check when you start something new and you’re not nearly as good as you’d daydreamed about being 😛 But all the more reason that fans will make a perfect project for my GiveIt100 videos! You can see the first one that I did today here.

So here’s to building new skills in the new year, and not lighting myself on fire with my fans!


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