Not even bothering with a title

How is time passing so quickly? I’ve been counting down the weeks to both my tribe’s Equinox celebration and Lucidity Festival, and they are rushing up so quickly! I’m not even sure I can realistically do EVERYTHING I wanted to do before these events, but I’ve got a whole summer of events to look forward to, so even if some projects don’t get debuted on schedule, it’s still going to be an incredible season.

I’ve had to slow down my manic frenzy of working on ALL THE PROJECTS at once and I’m trying to focus on getting things finished one at a time so I can start crossing things off my list. I did finish a secret project, a dreamcatcher for my amazing boyfriend, and then like a silly fairy I totally forgot to take pictures of it. This is pretty standard for me when I finish making something for someone else, I get so excited to give it to them that I forget to get a photo or document anything about the process! Oh well . . .

Today my main focus was supposed to be on a cotton top that I’m making for Equinox, but I seem to have encountered a potential design flaw that may require me to rip back some work. That’s got me feeling a little “UGH” this morning, but I know I can overcome the problem if I just give it a little thought. Instead, I’m working on a few smaller projects while I ponder through this design problem, because I tend to think best when I have yarn in my hands.

My other mission for today is to get some semblance of organization for my to-do list. I just got home from spending a week at my boyfriend’s house, and the transition home has got me feeling a little scatterbrained, and if things feel a bit chaotic now, it’s only going to get more intense as the season kicks into full swing. First up to tackle is a couple loads of laundry; not having clothes flung all about the room always helps things feel more calm and collected 😛

*Deep breath* I can totally do all this, I just need to take it one step, or one stitch, at a time.


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