Serving Seva on the Shower Super Squad

I got my schedule of volunteer hours for Lucidity, and I’m officially on the “Shower Super-Squad” (or the SSS as I will now fondly think of it)! I have no idea what my responsibilities on the SSS will be, I don’t think I remember seeing any volunteers in the shower area last year unless they were literally there to take a shower, but I suspect that my tasks will be related to keeping the shower area clean and functional.

But I have to confess, when I first saw my scheduled shift hours – Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon, and Monday morning – my initial emotional reaction was “Ugh, those are not the sort of hours I was hoping for!” I thought about this, since I usually try to approach every adventure with a sense of optimism, and I decided that my initial sense of disappointment stemmed from one big, and rather silly, reason: Fear of Missing Out. I had wanted to get volunteer hours either during build week or tear-down so that I could participate in the creation (or the equally important cleanup) of the festival environment I love so much, as well as have as much time during the actual festival hours to run around and play without worrying about getting my shifts done. And at last year’s festival, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon were the peak hours of my best adventures! But that was last year; this year will be a whole new, beautiful journey, and I certainly don’t want to bring down the experience before I even get there because my hours are not “ideal”.

Volunteering is more than just work, it is Seva. Seva is a Sanskrit word that translates to “selfless service”; it is work that is done without any expectation of reward, stemming from the concept that by serving other people, we also serve God. I want to be at Lucidity to experience as much as possible, but I also asked to have the opportunity to serve and contribute, and this work assignment is where I fit into the larger mechanism that makes the festival happen, like a cog in a clock. And that in itself is a blessing and a gift, to be able to be part of this festival, to be able to give my service to help make it as excellent as possible for everyone involved. There are enough hours in the weekend that I can give my service and still run around finding amazing adventure; to want to have ALL the hours to do ALL the things is kind of excessive, there’s no way I could possibly do ALL the things (I figured that out last year when I got super overwhelmed and spent a LOT of my time wandering in circles trying to figure out how not to miss anything, and thereby missing things).

And it’s kind of synchronistically appropriate that I should be on the SSS this year, because one of my favorite memories of last year’s festival was this incredible shower that I took Sunday afternoon to rinse off the dust after dancing barefoot in the dirt to my favorite band, Small Town Zeros. Rinsing off in the refreshing water under the warm afternoon sun, with the rolling bass still thundering in my head and my heart, it was a moment of utter perfection and satisfaction, the perfect cherry on top of the perfect sundae. So if by working on the SSS this year, I can help contribute to someone else’s moment of perfection, then it will be worth it. Everyone deserves a perfect afternoon shower moment like that 🙂

If you still haven’t gotten your tickets, time is running out! Hit me up for a discount code so that you can join in the fantastic adventures.


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