Luna’s Lucid Liftoff

I’ve been struggling with processing what I want to share on my blog, what I want to write about, what I want to express opinions on and share emotions about. Before I took off to go to Lucidity, I was trying to post regular-ish updates about things going on and things I was thinking about, and most of it had to do with Lucidity and festivals in general because I was so excited about going to Lucidity. But after I came home, life sort of took off for a quick minute and didn’t settle down for a few weeks, and now I feel like I have this backlog of experiences and pictures and thoughts to share, and it’s not getting any easier to sit down and write it out and share because I keep getting new ideas, new inspiration, new insight to concepts that have been rolling around in my head, and I want to write and share it all, right now! But there’s no technology (yet) to simply plug my brain into my blog and upload everything all at once, so I’m stuck doing it the slow way, one post at a time.

Today I want to finally share the pictures I took at Lucidity. There is absolutely no way I could possibly document my entire experience at the festival, I spent much of the weekend very entrenched in each moment and I’m not really sure I could share a cohesive start-to-finish narrative of everything that happened. But one thing that was different this year as opposed to last year was I did bring a camera with me. Normally the only picture taking device I have access to in any given moment is my iPad, which can be very clumsy and annoying to drag around for documenting my life. Also, I’m usually too busy running around living the moment to slow down enough to document it.

This year boyfriend let me borrow one his cameras and taught me a few things about learning to use it. It has been a long-time desire of mine to learn at least some basics of photography so that I could start taking better pictures, both for my own enjoyment and to share on my social media and blog. Many of my Lucidity pictures came out blurry or dark, and to be honest, the camera did spend much of the weekend just sitting in it’s case safely in my tent while I ran about doing my usual fairy thing, but despite this, I am so glad that I did take the camera with me and made an effort to take some pictures. I will probably never be one of those festival goers who documents everything and gets stunning shots of the art and people and environment, but I’m still really quite stoked on adding a skill to my artistic arsenal.

So without further ado, I present a small glimpse through a fairy’s eyes at Lucidity Universe 2014:

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