Rivalry of the Coasters

Knit and Crochet Blog Week

Today starts the fifth annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week. I’ve been participating for a couple years now (this will be the second year with this particular incarnation of my blog), and it’s always been an annual activity to help stir up some new enthusiasm for blogging, especially since winter usually gets too busy for regular blogging and spring always brings a new desire to get back into writing more often. This year, I found that I was having a difficult time feeling inspired by the topics, but I partially feel like it’s because my writing muscles are a bit out of shape; so while I can’t promise that I’ll write to the topic every day, I’m going to do my best to exercise my creativity.

Today’s topic is A Day in the Life (of a project I’ve made or am in the process of making). At first I had trouble anthropomorphizing my projects enough to write about what their day would be like, but as I sat in my room staring around at some of the things I’ve made, I started hearing a conversation between two coasters, and I relay that conversation to you now.

The backstory: I bought a beautiful handcrafted wooden cup at the renaissance faire this year, and the vendor I bought it from made the suggestion that I crochet a “lid” for it. I didn’t know what he meant until another lady at the stall showed me the leather lid she had on her cup; it was a circle of leather that had been shaped to fit over the top and was secured with a little drawstring. I realized that they weren’t referring to a watertight lid as I had been imagining, but something more like a dust cover/splash guard, which is actually quite a useful thing if you are running around dusty fairs and festivals with your drink in hand. So I decided that I could very easily crochet/knit a dust cover for my cup, but it took a few experiments with gauge and my first unusable attempts have been relegated to being used as coasters.


Brown coaster: *Ahem* Oh hello, I didn’t see you there . . . Can I ask you something? Do you think my stitches make me look fat?

Green coaster: *giggles* Yeah, you’re fat, you’re totally the wrong gauge!

Brown: Shut up! I was talking to the readers! Besides, it’s not like you’re any better, your gauge is too small!

Green: No, my gauge is exactly right for me, AND I’m a prettier color than you!

Brown: Then why aren’t you being finished into a dust cover for Fairy’s mug?

Green: Because, I’m too dainty to be a dust cover.

Brown: You mean you were too small to fit the mug.

Green: Shut up. At least my color makes me unique. And I’m still useful. Tell me, how does it feel to have your own kins-yarn being knit into the dust cover she’s going to use instead of you?

Brown: Hey I’m useful too, I’m just as useful as a coaster as you are! Besides, at least it is my ball of yarn being used, your yarn is obviously too snobby for such a practical job! Making me was a learning experience for her, she said so herself. Without my help she wouldn’t have figured out how to make the correct size at all!

Green: *sulks*

Brown: Hey . . . is she making tea?

Green: *still sulky* I dunno, what does it matter?

Brown: Look, she’s made tea! For herself and a friend! Here she comes with two mugs!


Brown: Hey, why were we arguing? We’re both useful to her, exactly as we are.

Green: I’m sorry I called you fat.

Brown: It’s ok, you’re forgiven. Um . . . don’t look now, but you’ve got some honey dripping onto you.

Green: What?!? Arrrg, now my fibers will be all sticky!

Brown: *laughing* Haha, see I said you were too snobby for a practical job!

Green: *sulks some more*

It sounds like I might have my hands full with these two 🙂
Stayed tuned for the eventual publication of the pattern I came up with for my cup dust cover!


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