Picture Perfect – or getting there at least

Knit and Crochet Blog Week

Day 3 of Blog Week and it’s photography day! It’s an annual tradition to have one day during blog week that focuses on creative and out of the box photography of our projects. This day has always proven a challenge for me in the past, because I rarely had access to a decent camera and most of my pictures have been very poorly lit and washed out photos taken with my iPad for the sake of quickness and convenience.

But this year I’m actually able to take good photographs. Since my boyfriend has been letting me borrow one of his cameras over the past few weeks, and I’ve been learning how to use it and the science behind a good photo, I’ve finally started to get some really good pictures of my creations. I was torn about whether I wanted to take the time to actually stage and shoot some really creative shots for this year’s blog post, but the plain fact of the matter is that life is a bit chaotic right now.

Instead, I give you what I consider my first really good shots of a knitted shawl I finished a little while back. The fact that I have been able to start taking better quality photos at all has got me thrilled, and I have every intention of continuing to step up my game, so while these shots may not be considered as out of the box as the blog prompt would encourage, I totally consider them to be quite the acomplishment:


2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect – or getting there at least

    • Thank you, I thought it looked good with the pansies too 🙂 The pattern is literally just fishnet lace the whole way (yarn over, k2tog) until I ran out of yarn, super simple but surprisingly effective.

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