The Familiar Writes a Festival Prayer

20140521-151852-55132968.jpg Wazzup! The Familiar Extraordinaire is back with another scintillating blog post. My fairy has been crazy busy again and has let her blog posts fall by the wayside . . . again. She only made it halfway through Knit and Crochet Blog Week, though in her defense, she was dealing with a few life issues that totally decreased her motivation for blogging. Right now, getting ready for Lightening in a Bottle is taking up all her time and attention, so hopefully when we get back after the weekend, she’ll have lots of things to write about and pictures to share.

On the subject of getting ready for another festival, I want to bring up a topic that distresses my fairy, and myself, very much: festival haters. Now, I’m not talking about the types of people that hate on festivals and “hippy festival goers” because that isn’t their scene, I’m talking about people that do go to festivals and still bring the hater spirit with them. Just this morning I had to comfort my fairy after she read a thread online in which a hater was spewing bad juju and insults because he had heard a rumor that camp spots were filling quickly with crew and volunteers, and he felt like throwing a temper tantrum to express how much he, as a paying attendee, deserves a prime camping spot over the “free loading volunteers”.

It is my Professional Tiger Familiar Opinion that this guy is an idiot, because he says arthritis in his feet is the reason why he should be entitled to a good camp spot, and instead of securing a spot in the ADA* camp section, he should just get a good spot wherever he wants, and acting like an ass is the way to get it. And don’t get me started on his slight to the volunteers that are making this festival happen in the first place. I reminded my fairy that it’s actually a good thing for our group that he didn’t get an ADA spot, because we’ve arranged to be in the ADA section and we’d rather not have him near us.

(*Fairy note for clarification: if you were not aware, ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which is that set of laws that, among other things, requires places to be handicap accessible; thus, the ADA camp section is the disability compatible section. So, you know, the perfect place for a festival goer with arthritis who doesn’t want to walk super long distances to get back to his tent. But Feebles is right, it’s a good thing we won’t have him near us.)

My fairy and I are no stranger to these types of festival goers, the ones that make you stop and scratch your head and wonder why they’re even bothering with a consciousness festival when it sounds like a nice, aggressive mosh pit is more their style. But one of the 10 Principles that so many festie types try to live by is Radical Inclusion, which my fairy explained to me as meaning “Include thy neighbors and treat them kindly, even if you secretly don’t like them, because maybe they’ll surprise you and be chill people, and maybe they can even teach you things and share things you never knew about, but even if they turn out to be asses, still be nice because that’s the cool thing to do.” I like the idea of that, but sometimes people just make me so annoyed with their bad attitudes that I don’t want to be nice to them. So I wrote a special little prayer, just for those special people that put a strain in our smiles:

Prayer to The Festival Gods On Behalf Of All The Miserable Haters
Let the haters be so smothered in love this weekend, that they drown in it
Let them be so surrounded by light that they are blinded by it
Let abundance find them in such quantities that they overdose on it
Let bliss overcome them until they burst into flames and have to crawl out of a dirty pile of ashes to start over

I gotta go help my fairy not lose her sanity as she repacks her luggage yet again. Namaste my peeps!



One thought on “The Familiar Writes a Festival Prayer

  1. Ah, I’m so glad I finally got a chance to read this! Indeed, I am always a fan of posts by Feebles the Familiar and this one has the advantage of covering a topic that I can sink my teeth into. You’re totally right about some people just seeming totally out of place at a consciousness festival, for instance at Lucidity I believe you remember the neighbors directly across from us that had the nitrous? Yeah, I know you remember eavesdropping on their conversations that just dripped with materialism and egotism.

    The thing is though, people don’t go to consciousness festivals to show off how enlightened they are, they go there to become more enlightened (whether they realize that’s what they’re their for or not!) and the people that need it the most are going to seem the most of place. It seems for some of these people that they were almost dragged into it kicking and screaming….

    …But when they leave…well I know now for a fact that nobody leaves Lucidity the same person.

    It’d be interesting to poll people year from year and see how the festival affects them. Maybe we could set something up?

    anyway, I love you BFF and I’m glad you’ve been writing a lot. Here’s to hoping for more blog posts!

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