LiB Recap Part 1

I’ve had enough rest time to physically feel more or less recovered from LiB, the sunburn has faded, I’m caught up on sleep, I’ve unpacked and done laundry, and even gotten my photos uploaded; but emotionally and mentally, I’m still nowhere near through processing everything that happened.  It was one of those life altering experiences where I’m not sure I’ll ever be “done” processing, but rather I think the fallout of the weekend will continue to have radiating effects in my life beyond what I can even see.  I’m not even sure I know where to begin the tale, except perhaps at the beginning.


I have been trying to get to Lightening in a Bottle for a couple years now, and despite volunteering at Lucidity two years in a row, I was completely blown away by Lightening.  Unlike the small village vibe of Lucidity, LiB felt like a nomadic city from another world to which I had suddenly been granted citizenship.

And I must say, in this city I had a pretty kickass house to live in.  I never did get good photos of it when it was looking its best, the wind did a real number on the fabric hangings until we started zip-tying them to the poles.  But even still, this is the prettiest (and most tech advanced) camp set up I have ever inhabited.  We even had a dragon guardian, his name is Lucid.

However, as lovely as our camp was, and as perfect and awesome as our camp mates were, this was also the most destructive camping excursion I have ever been on with two nights in a row of chaos and carnage.

The first incident was when our shade structure laid down and took a nap.  I won’t name any names, but one dear campmate was a little enthusiastic with swinging on the hammock, and in a terrifying but notably graceful woosh, the whole structure came down.  It took rounding up everyone in the tents around us to lift all 6 poles simultaneously, but everyone swooped in and got it upright and put back to order.  DandyLion proceeded to tie down the structure to his truck in four different places, so as not to repeat the experiment.  A lot of things got knocked over, a mug lost its handle, and I think I may have lost a crystal in the scuffle, but miraculously nobody was hurt.

We had a second night of carnage when a chick tripping out of her mind came crashing through camp knocking stuff over, then throwing herself half naked in the dirt and wailing at the cosmos. This time there was more damage to our tea things, but again, things were taken care as best as they could be.

In Part 2 I’ll post the rest of my pictures and hopefully have found some more words to verbalize the emotional and spiritual aspects of the experience.


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