LiB Recap Part 2

I’ve tried so hard to put into some sort of verbal summary the experience that I had at Lightening in a Bottle, but it is difficult to fully encapsulate in dry text the profound impact that this festival had on me. There is simply no adequete way to express the intricate emotional delight of practicing lucid dreaming in a hammock while Kayla Scintilla plays a set not 100 yards from your camp; and there is no satifactory way to covey the depth of cleansing experienced during a sunset performance of the Earth Harp in which old cobwebs of emotion were shaken loose and washed away in the fading light of the day; and there is no befitting way to describe the delight of practicing Flow with your newly met soul family, your brothers in light dancing in a circle bewitching passerby with your individual and entangled magics.

And in addition to all the amazing things that did happen, there was also a lot that didn’t happen according to plan. Much like my first year at Lucidity, I found myself completely swept away by the dreamlike quality of my surroundings, and I was very comfortable with floating through the day with little to no planning or schedule. And to be completely honest, it was wickedly hot during the day, and despite my best intention to fill the hours with workshops and activities, once noon hit it was far too hot to do anything besides nap in the hammock. This had it’s silver lining, because we were camped well within earshot of the Bamboo stage and I spent many of those hot hours deep in hammock meditation, soaking up the vibes around me and unraveling mysteries of the universe.

I was hoping I could rely on my photots to help me tell the stories of the festival, however as with Lucidity, I didn’t get that many photos. When it comes to moving through a festival with a camera, and interacting with the environment through the lens in a quest of artistic and archival documentation . . . well, that just doesn’t come as natrually to me as frolicking through a festival completely unencumbered from moment to moment. But I am starting to find my groove with the camera, and I did turn out some shots that I find pretty good, or at least interesting.

My favorite pictures however, were of a very particular subject I had quite a bit of fun stalking around the festival. I really wish I had gotten more shots of this mysterious (and devilishly attractive) entity, the playful yet majestic DandyLion:

Most of the best things we saw and experienced got caputured on DandyLion’s camera, he got a lot of video footage of the people and music we saw – including a few acts that I wanted to see but missed due to exhaustion, so I am eagerly waiting for him to finish his uploading. Then I can share with you the video of THE aboslute BEST part of Lightening, can’t wait! 😉


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