The past few weeks have been chaos. Since I last wrote I have worked two wine auction events with DandyLion and been to Las Vegas for the first time. That was quite an experience, we went to attend InfoComm which is an annual event for DandyLion and his boss, but for me was a veritable people watching treasure trove – and I discovered that Corporate Geekdom is mainly populated by potbellied men who don’t take pretty girls very seriously. That’s not to say that I didn’t meet some very interesting people, as well as soak up more random bits of production knowledge, and eat lots of free booth candy. Because everyone knows conventions are all about the free booth candy and swag.

Because it was the middle of the week, Vegas was not quite the all-night glittering “Disneyland for Adults” as I’ve heard it described, but it ended up being just the right amount of Las Vegas for me to handle. I can party down with the best of them, but Vegas reminded me less of “Disneyland for Adults” and more of “Disneyland for Junkies”. That’s not to say I didn’t have an enjoyable time there; we found an outdoor stage/bar/venue space where “DJ Irish” played an assortment of the more enjoyable mainstream EDM – up until he started playing trap, but everyone knows it’s time to leave and either find more booze or bed when they break out the trap. And speaking of booze, I did do a Vegas Hangover the right way, waking up at 6:30 in the morning to a full on desert sunrise coming in the window (pull self out of bed, stumble to window, yank at shades until suitably closed) and a nauseated headache (fall back into bed until alarm summons DandyLion to the shower and I meekly fallow, leaning my head against the cool marble).

Most of my impressions of Vegas ended up in my creative writing journal; I seem to have been bitten by the plot of a short story that demands to be written. Ok, less of a plot, and more of specific character arcs I want to explore. Or maybe this is more to the manuscript for a novel/novella/I’m-not-really-sure-what-it-is that I started six years ago. Excepts to be possibly published after some editing.


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