Restoring My Sacred Space

I recently arrived home again after an extended stay with Dandylion. Well, I say recently, this was actually more like several weeks ago and I have since been to stay with him and come home again. But I’m referring to when I came home after being away for two months rather than the more customary 7-10 days.

When I opened the door to my room and stepped in, I was overwhelmed by a wave of energy, as powerful as an orgasm, an exhilerating rush of Love and Comfort and Joy and Serenity and Empowerment.  I looked around at my familiar things, the pictures on the wall, the baskets of yarn and project prototypes, the stuffed animals lined up on the bed waiting to greet me. I was back in my sacred space, and the feeling was papable.

happy room

But like a beautiful garden that has been left to it’s own devices, my sacred space needed some love and attention.  All the arrivals and departures over the spring and early summer meant that there were small piles of clothes and camping gear laying about, collections of miscalaneous items gathering on the flat surfaces of the room, and an ever increasing invasion of baskets with yarn and boxes of projects.  

But even worse than the state of my room was my poor alter.  I had packed most of my crystals and treasures to go with me to Lucidity, and then to Lightning, and in the chaotic weeks afterwards crystals got packed in suitcases and crates and pockets and purses, but never did the alter get restored to its former state of glory. I finally looked at it on Sunday and decided it was time to give the space the love and care it so desperately needed.

messy alter

Before I moved out the first time, I used to make it a morning ritual to get up every day, light a sitck of incense, sit with my crystals and write in my journal or just meditate for a little while.  I would regularly inteact with my crystals and build new grids with them; often I would add new slips of paper with prayers or intentions written on them, or even place a relevant oracle card in view so I could look at it throughout the day.  I tried to revive the habit when I moved back home, and had some degree of success. However, a chaotic schedule and splitting my time between two homes means that my half-hearted attempts have fallen sadly short of the mark.

I’ve also decided that not only did I need to reorder my alter, but also to reacquaint myself with all my crystals and all the treasures I have collected. I carefully cleaned everything off and put it all in a box where it would be safe, promising each item that this wasn’t permanent exile but that each of them would have their opportunity to be taken out and recharged with energy and intention. I’m starting simply choosing one item at a time, and I’m taken the opportunity to photograph each piece and to record it’s story; I’ll be sharing these here on the blog and on my Instagram feed. The two base pieces that I always place first anytime I rebuild my alter are my salt crystal lamp and my blue alter cloth.

clean alter

The salt lamp was a gift from my parents on my 27th birthday last year.  I consider 27 to be a very magical number (3 cubed) and the salt lamp was one of those unexpected gifts that turns out to be the perfect thing you didn’t even know you wanted.  When I first put it in my room and turned it on, the ionic difference was noticible almost right away.

The blue scarf I use as an alter cloth was a gift from my mom that she brought back from a trip my parents took, and I can’t remember where it was they went, but the scarf was hand dyed and infused with magical essense by a shaman somewhere in either Mexico or South America (yeah, I know, that narrows it down a whole bunch).  Regardless of where it came from, it is a beautiful cloth, and definitely imbued with positive vibes.

A few more items are have been added back into the space already, but I’m not rushing the process. It’s been quite enjoyable writing the story of each piece, and brushing up my knowledge of each crystal’s properties. I’m also feeling a difference in the energy of the room and in my own energy as well, I can feel a lot of stagnant chi starting to break up and clarify.

There will probably even be more future posts from Feebles as he gets involved in the process – he’s especially stoked to be doing energy cleansing so that I can be more creative and make him more Tiger Familiar Accessories. Ever since he learned to use a stylus on my iPad, outsmarting smart technology not originally designed for plush paws, he’s been browsing doll sized knitting patterns online and making a very lengthy wishlist. I told him he can work on energy cleansing the yarn stash (i.e. organizing the craft closet for me) if he wants me to knit for him.

Getting crafty


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