There and Back Again: a fairy and familiar go on vacation

Wazzup! Feebles the Familiar Extraordinaire is back again with another blog update because my poor fairy’s head is going in circles. We just got back from a 10 day trip to Florida with her Dandylion and my best familiar mate, Nom Nom Fry Star. This is a picture of us chilling in Epcot drinking some Moroccan beer.


When I say we just got back, we’ve actually been back for about a week now, but my fairy’s head is still spinning and I think she’s must still be jet lagged or something because she keeps getting up before 6 am and going to bed before 10 pm. She reminded me that she normally gets up before sunrise no matter what time zone she’s in and I just never notice because I like to sleep in. Pish posh. Yeah, I said pish posh.

ANYWAY, I could go on and on about how awesome the trip was, but I’ll keep it brief. I spent most of my time guarding the hotel room, but I did get to see real tigers in Animal Kingdom, and drink beer in Epcot, and also go on a bunch of rides at Magic Kingdom. Best Familiar Vacation EVER! I’m sure my fairy will have her own version of the story to share when more of the pictures get uploaded.

And I have to ask myself . . . well, no, actually I have to ask my fairy, what is next for this dynamic duo? I do know that for starters, my fairy just got her acceptance email to be a volunteer for Transcendence Festival this October. It’s near Sacramento, so that’ll be a little bit of a journey for us, but she’s declared it to be her birthday present to herself and I can’t wait for another festival adventure.

Closer to home, my fairy also has plans for giving the website a little love and makeover. She says it’s time to change things up a little, freshen up some stuff, and finalize some ideas that have been on the drawing board for way too long. So pardon the pixie dust while we tinker about . . . see what I did there?

(Fairy note: sadly I cannot get him to stop making puns since the Disney trip, I blame all the Disney cast members he was exposed to during the trip. But he is correct, there will be a few changes happening around the site, some much needed sprucing up.)


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