Falling into Fall

I feel like I sort of tumbled head over heels into October, and I’m only just now getting my bearings again.

The end of September was a blur. I made it to Sun and Moon Festival, which was looking pretty iffy there for a moment, but friends and family came through to help make it happen for me. I debuted a new pair of wings there, and despite all my best intentions, I still have not photographed them. However, we did have a vlogger with us at the festival (Youtube channel: Fightingdrag) and he did capture me dancing in my new wings (at about 8:25) as well as a lot of other fun footage from the festival!

Check out his other Sun and Moon videos here and here.

This past weekend was Transcendence Festival up in Sacremento. I’m still not sure what to say about that one, except I feel like the festival lived up to it’s name, and it was certainly one hell of a weekend. I feel like I’m just barely coming out my inter-dimensional jet-lag.

DandyLion, who didn’t originally plan on going, ended up getting a ticket after all, but was then upgraded to a production wristband after the crew found out the extent of his skills. He worked nearly the entire time we were there, except Saturday during the day when we had some time together. And while he complained about parts of it, by the end of the weekend he’d made a lot of great connections with some amazing people we will definitely be working with in the future, and I’m sure he couldn’t have planned a more ideal festival experience for himself as just a participent.

Until we got shut down by the cops Saturday evening. The short reason why is permits were filed, but not under the correct jurisdiction because the organizers were misinformed about the status of the land upon which the camp sits. That knocked everyone sideways a bit; DandyLion and the rest of the production crew went into overdrive dismantling their labors of love; the rest of my mates in camp and I were disappointed to miss the headliners we were all stoked to see – Govinda that evening, and Kaminanda the next – but drinks were poured and toasts were made to the experiences we did share during the weekend.

I feel like this festival, out of all the others I’ve been to so far, packed the most punch. I’ve had transformative experiences at every festival I’ve been to, from Lucidity to Sun and Moon, but none of them ever left me feeling quite like that, like I’d licked a cosmic battery.

I dreamed about being at Transcendence, or had dreams relating to getting ready, for a few days leading up to our departure.

I met some extraordinary people whom I may never see again, but that’s ok because the relationship I had with them for only a weekend will stick with me. Likewise, we may bump into each other at the next festival, which will be such a lovely surprise.

DandyLion and I invented what I call Shower Tai Chi, which is where you and your partner move very slowly around each other in a cement shower stall so as to not knock the clean dry clothes onto the very wet and somewhat dirty ground, or get them wet with the shower spray.

I tasted some organic honey infused with about 27 different herbs and spices. It wasn’t psychoactive per se but it did give the effect of my fact being melty for a moment, and it did seem to make us a bit giggly. I love kitchen chemistry.

I took an awesome crystal infused kundalini yoga class first thing in the morning with most of my campmates. The instructor lead a Kriya for opening the heart chakra, which was really invigorating and facilitated some awesome bonding with the girls of my camp.

I spend a lot of my sleep time in semi-lucid to very lucid dream states. I did some crazy work blasting open energy blockages in my body represented by the sinus and allergy problems I’d been having since before we arrived.

I danced to some super sexy drum and bass. This makes two festivals in a row where I’ve gotten down to kickass d&b, and that couldn’t make me happier. Nothing will ever get me moving on the dance floor like drum and bass; if I could make love to a genre of music, it would be drum and bass.

And those are just the experiences that I can put into words. There were many other moments, both extraordinary and simple, that I simply cannot frame within the confining fences of language.

One of our campmates and DandyLion summed it up best:
Campmate – “That was totally intense!”
DandyLion – “You’re right, we are in tents!”

Pictures to follow whenever I get a chance to dump the memory card . . .


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