Transcendence Photos

I’ve given up on trying to document my festival experiences through photographs, I’d just rather not have to reconcile experiencing the festival in my usual carefree moment-to-moment way with an expensive piece of equipment that is unwieldy to dance with. So when I packed my camera case to take to Transcendence, I gave myself permission to only take pictures when the artistic whim stuck me, and to not feel bad if I ended up leaving the camera in my tent all weekend. And I’m glad I did, because even though I only took 9 photos worth sharing here, I love what I did capture.

Stalking my favorite prey, the majestic DandyLion, caught in the act of acrobatic photography:

The beautiful alter we created for our camp:

And finally, Croissant the Panda waving hello while Feebles the Tiger takes a nap:


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