Project Sparkle and Thrive

I started a new project, I’m calling it Project Sparkle and Thrive.

This project was a long time coming, and it started with it’s first roots at the beginning of the year when my fans first arrived, and around the same time I discovered a website called Give It 100. The idea of the site is to film and upload a 10 second clip of you practicing something you want to be good at, every single day for 100 days, in order to create a visual montage of your progress. 10 seconds might not be a lot, but it’s enough to make sharing everyday bite-sized and easy. I signed up for the site with the intention of making fan study my project for the next 100 days. Except it was unusual for me to film myself everyday, even for just 10 seconds, so I missed a day or two right off the bat. Then I got distracted and busy doing other things. Then I’d come back for a couple days of practice, but I grew bored and discouraged at my lack of progress. Fortunately this story got a lovely plot twist when my lovely DandyLion made a birthday gift of 2 lessons with my beloved fire mentor, whom I hadn’t seen since my virgin burn.

Anyway, in my renewed commitment to fan practice, I considered revisiting the idea of filming a little bit everyday for another go at Giveit100. Then I ran into the slew of excuses that I didn’t have anywhere good to film unless I wanted to get really into it each day dragging out DandyLion’s camera and tripod, and was that really worth it for just 10 seconds of video each day? Never mind the fact that I could have come up with several easier solutions if I had just stopped hanging onto that one excuse.

But now I’m rewriting the story to be about improving my state of health to a level of thriving by using flow arts as one of my resources to stay active, build my strength and stamina, and learn to stop thinking too much and just flow. And this gave birth to the idea of taking the next 100 days to work on Project Sparkle and Thrive.

If I want to thrive in life, I have to live that way starting now, and that won’t mean I can do it perfectly overnight, or that I’ll kick my immune disorder’s ass and suddenly be cured; but it does mean that everyday I have to take my opportunities for choice and craft a lifestyle that has the most thriving potential possible, and be honest with myself when I’m making choices that sabotage my immune strength.

My motivation to start Thriving in life, rather than just coasting comfortably, is so I can truly Sparkle, so I can dance and flow and perform with maximum energy, so I can create art and design and write with unhindered creative flow, so I can drink in life and everything it has to offer and then breathe it back out again with my own sparkly magic. But Sparkling isn’t an end goal that I’ll reach when I meet some list of requisites. Like Thriving, if I want Sparkle then all I have to do is start now.

For Project Sparkle and Thrive, I’m going to be recording short video clips each day sharing something from the day that has helped me on my path the maximum health and maximum magic. 10 seconds of whatever I record will be uploaded to my profile on Giveit100, but extra clips/photos will be shared on my other social media (Instagram, Tumblr) with #SparkleAndThrive.


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