Sparkle and Thrive Update

New month, new intentions, new projects to make achieving my goals more fun. The last week of November was very much a big slump for me, but I’m taking advantage of December starting to shake it all off and get some fresh energy going for winter.

My intentions for the month are varied, but exciting:

– I’m going to finally list a few items in my online shop and get it opened up to the public (did you guys know I have an online shop? No, you didn’t, because it’s been closed and empty).
– I’ve also gotten underway on my holiday gift crafting and have been making good progress on gifts for both my parents and DandyLion’s. Ideas for DandyLion’s gift are still percolating, but I did find a knitted pattern I want to try out for small gifts for other friends and loved ones.
– I have a slew of ideas for potential blog posts. I spent most of today writing and rewriting, not quite capturing the ideas as I wanted, but with a little more work I think some of those drafts could shape up into something worth publishing.
– Synchronistically, I also discovered the #LivingGoddess December invitational on Instagram, 31 days of sharing and celebrating the goddess within, and I’m looking forward to following along and participating. You can already see my Day 1 contribution on my Instagram account, LaVidaFae.
– And finally, I got a newsletter from with a downloadable calendar for DANCEmber, a month long celebration of hoop dance and flow arts, which I will also be following along although I’m modifying my participation to include all things dance, from hoop to fans to jamming around the apartment in my underwear.

I read a really great blog post a while ago about how when you start a new habit or try to effect a change in your life, the important thing is not to strive to be perfect at it, but to keep at it, keep investing energy in it, keep even just a tiny bit of momentum going. During the last week of slump, I spent a lot of time contemplating my vision and direction in life, analyzing and over analyzing the steps that I need to travel in my chose directions, and confronting all the forms of procrastination holding me back from taking those steps. This blog post alone took 6 attempts to write because I kept getting hung up on making it perfect. But I stopped and asked myself, “Why am I writing this blog post, today?” And the answer was to make a declaration of intentions for the coming month, to make that investment of energy, to shake loose a few of the cobwebs and start building some momentum again. And it turns out, all I really had to do was just sit down and write what I was honestly thinking and feeling, without worrying about making it perfect.

So here’s to a fresh start at the beginning of this final month in the year, to build some momentum to carry me into the new year, and beyond as I continue this adventure.


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