You don’t always have to finish something . . .

. . . to learn something.

I started December with high hopes and a few projects that I thought would help me break some of the inertia I was feeling, and that I did NOT want to carry over into the New Year.  Specifically I started participating in DANCEmber and The Living Goddess December invitational on Instagram, as well as daily Sparkle and Thrive updates on my Tumblr, with the intent of restoring dance, flow, self reflection, and the Divine Feminine back into my life on a daily basis.  Honestly, I got a week into the month before I stopped posting, which seems to be a bad habit of mine.  It feels like I can’t commit to any sort of long term project for longer than 25-30% of the time allotted or required.  I know this isn’t true, I know I’m more than capable, so this time when I stopped posting daily, I looked real hard at my life to see where I was getting hung up and what I could do about it.

And it’s been a good month of self reflection.  I was able to observe myself as I went about my day, identify ingrained habits, spot triggers that produced specific behaviors, and examine the emotions and habitual thoughts that went along with these patterns.  It wasn’t exactly fun or pretty, probbing my own psyche, like flossing inflamed gums.  But the flossing was needed, and I dislodged a lot of negativity and crap.

But the work continues as the new year approaches, I want to take my quest to Sparkle and Thrive to it’s furthurest, and I want my art and this blog to relfect that journey.  Sometimes it all feels a little overwhellming, and I want to be able to see my ideas become reality right now, right away, and then I get overly wound up trying to make all the things happen.  That’s when I just have to remember that it’s a journey, it always has been, and the only thing I have to worry about is putting one foot in front of the other, same way I’ve ever gotten anywhere.


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