In order to live the lives we truly desire, we must acknowledge our desires, and we must acknowledge ourselves. To live healthy, thriving lives, we must acknowledge the needs of our human bodies and take care of them. To live harmoniously with others, we must acknowledge the needs and desires of those around us and find ways to co-exist. And to do all of these things, we need to acknowledge the present moment, the here and now, we need to tune into life and be aware and focused. In order to live life to the fullest, we must fully acknowledge life.

I found this video by Ashley Mardell to be incredibly inspiring, visually appealing, and spot on in the exact sentiment I’ve been feeling:

As the old year ends and the new one begins, I want to live a life that fully acknowledges the present moment; I want to manifest a life that I’m living on purpose, with purpose; I want to leave a legacy instead of just remains. I want to acknowledge the traps I get hung up on, the obstacles I still allow in my life, the excuses I make to avoid taking responsibility for every moment I create.

I want to live a life of acknowledging my inner sparkle, a life that is full of adventure, and creativity, and magic; I want to embrace my dreams and make them come true, instead of just fantasizing about them; I want to be a fairy all the time, not just when I dress up in wings.

I want to live a life worth acknowledging.

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