I dedicate my art, my writing, my dance, my fiber crafts, to the full expression of my inner magic, without distorting or diminishing that expression to fit someone else’s agenda.

I dedicate my mind and heart to cultivating an environment of inner and outer peace, replacing doubt with curiosity, judgement with compassion, excuses with transparency, ignorance with knowledge, fear with love.

I dedicate my time and energy to the projects, adventures, and people that are worth my time, and to not let my vibrance get sucked up into less important things that fill my time but do not fulfill me.

I dedicate my spirit to the present moment, to the life I am living now, not the one I lived yesterday, not the one I wish I could live tomorrow, but the one that I can make happen right now.

I dedicate this new year to my Quest to Sparkle and Thrive, to living a life full of energy and magic, to being a living embodiment of La Vida Fae.

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